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Hardware All Homes, offices, and businesses that use .puters will need .puter repairs now and then. While this is perhaps inevitable, repair requirements can surely be minimized with proper and timely .puter maintenance . Given below are certain rules that you can follow to minimize the wear and tear of your .puter. It is strongly re.mended that users should not overload the main C: drive. A .puter needs a lot of free space to operate smoothly. So, fancy programs, or programs that have only limited use should have no place on the main drive. At least a minimum of 600 MB free space should be available for the operating system to function in a manner that will in the long run minimize the need for .puter maintenance, . In cases where a larger program be.es a must, disc space should be increased to ac.modate it. For proper .puter maintenance , it is also necessary to reduce the number of programs in the startup menu. Remove the unnecessary programs from the system and their icons, if any, from the desktop. Do not store isolated files on the desktop for easy access. The recycle bin and temporary Internet files also should be erased periodically to help the .puter perform faster. Keep the firewall of the system enabled to minimize intrusion from undesirable sources. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are a must in any .puter to reduce .puter maintenance needs. It is not enough to have these programs installed once with a new .puter. These have to be upgraded periodically for the software to be effective. .puter has to be shut down via the closing mechanism that the operating system provides, and not by using the power switch. This is very important for .puter maintenance . Persistent use of the power switch for closing the machine can easily lead to .puter crash and hard disk failure or other hardware to work improperly, which may require .puter repairs and replacement of parts. The only time the .puter can be closed by shutting down power supply is when emergency situations like software problems or hard drive problems make it impossible to shut down the machine in a normal way. Steady power supply is also necessary for proper .puter maintenance . It is always better not to connect the power source directly to the .puter. Power connection should be given via an Uninterrupted Power Supply system or UPS. This provision may not be very important in areas that have steady power supply. But in areas that are prone to power cuts and voltage fluctuations, the lack of a UPS will result in damage to the .puter and will necessitate frequent .puter repairs . Ensuring that .puter peripherals like a printer, or camcorder, or speakers, are not disconnected without switching off the power supply is also part of maintaining a .puter the right way. Backing up the data regularly is also one of the .puter maintenance rules. While this may have nothing to do with ensuring optimum .puter performance, in the case of hard disk failure or .puter crash, the user’s position will be safe when there is not data loss to worry about. It will minimize the need for .puter repairs related to data recovery. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: