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Police said the woman was raped two men don’t want to pay 50 yuan of money – drinks in September 15th 2 in the morning, Xixia District Public Security Bureau of Helan Shanxi Road police station received a woman police, said in a KTV near the Helan Mountain Ranch was attacked by two men raped. The more than and 20 year old woman was very worried. After receiving the alarm, police rushed to the scene, in a KTV two floor to find the alarm man Li Juan (a pseudonym). According to Li Juan, she is 25 years old this year, a few months ago from Shizuishan to Yinchuan, has been in the YinChuan Railway Station, Huaiyuan Xixia District, near the market around, there is no fixed work. That night, he was in the KTV with a meal of two men raped. But when asked about some of the details, Li Juan was evasive, which caused the vigilance of the police investigators. After much questioning, Li Juan finally told the truth. Originally, the night of September 14th Li Juan wandering in the Xixia Xing Ying market, had approached 3 strange men, and together they take a taxi to a KTV singing and drinking, until 15, 2 in the morning, 4 people decided to leave. Drinks and fruit totaling 200 yuan, the man took out $150 after leaving, but Li Juan believes that the 3 men should pay the full cost, so the police said he was raped, want to take revenge. After understanding the situation, the police reported Li Juan false police conduct a severe criticism, Li Juan also realized his mistake. (reporter Li Haipan)相关的主题文章: