Philippines will allow Malaysia to enter the waters of the border to pursue militants in the Philipp

Philippines will allow Malaysia to cross into Philippine waters chasing militants – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Malaysia Putra Jaya on 10 November, (reporter Liu Hao Tonglin) Prime Minister of Malaysia Naguib 10, with visiting Philippines President Duthel Te held talks. The two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in security issues firmhold adjacent waters, the Philippines will allow Malaysia military or law enforcement officers across the border into Philippine waters after militants. Naguib and Duthel Te in the press conference held after the meeting said that in view of kidnapping hostages hijacking incidents have occurred, in order to maintain the safety of the marine environment and order, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia three countries will continue to strengthen cooperation, Philippines will allow Malaysia’s military cross-border chase militants. He said that this year, there have been 10 people were abducted Philippines militants in Malaysia, where there are still hostages in the hands of 5 hostages. And earlier this week, the media also reported a German couple kidnapped in the Philippines incident. Naguib pointed out that cross-border cooperation is a very useful way to help each other. "We need to eliminate the need for ransom." In recent years, Malaysia, Sabah and other places on the east coast of frequent foreign tourists kidnapped by armed men in Philippines. Sabah, near Philippines’s southern border geographically, Philippines is relatively weak government control in the region, active in the southern Philippines Absar Jef rebels and other militants frequently to Sabah, was kidnapped by the local people or foreigners for ransom.相关的主题文章: