People’s daily review of the blue thin letinous edodes popular suffering from language poverty brock lesnar

People’s daily comment on the blue thin letinous edodes popular: suffering from a lack of language and blue letinous edodes has become the most recent network hot words of today’s popular language, and sometimes often popular so baffling. For example, on the Internet recently come into fashion "blue thin letinous edodes", just because a southern accent he put "sad, cry" pronounced "blue thin, letinous edodes, get the viral spread in the network, so many people puzzled all at sea. In a recent online heat "in 2016 ten network catchword" posts, and "thin blue letinous edodes" and "Honghuang joined forces" and "old driver" and "dog" etc.. If the "force field" is derived from the social reality in the news event, then the other is mostly originated from the "original ecology", and often have such characteristics: a sudden outbreak of viral spread, life is very short, mostly as an epidemic disease. Network buzzwords, in the end is not a language of "disease"? This topic seems to have been debated for many years. If they are the language of the "cancer", apparently a stick killed too, because there are some network buzzwords in word of mouth, able to board the "righting" become rich and useful language in good taste, complementary, such as "awesome" and "pretty fight" etc.. But in any case, the excessive use of Internet buzzwords for us is a big impact, after all, suffering from "language poverty". Some people have expressed to the ancients and the popular language of network made a comparison: the ancients described pretty can use "Pan appearance than" tall,stately and handsome ", we will only stare God fly" said "high rich handsome" Bai Fumei "; the people can use the" copycat "ugly" chickenhead ghetto rat ". We can only say" short poor dwarf "and" Yan low value "; the expression of sadness in my heart sad, no one knows our sadness, we can only use" thin blue letinous edodes"…… Perhaps this contrast is somewhat extreme, but if one day you will only blabbering habitually say "high rich handsome" short poor dwarf ", will also be their lack of expression shocked? Network world of endless, spread effect and influence of modern media should not be overlooked. Some network hot words are quickly spread, in fact, to a large extent depends on the role of Internet users. Some are pushing to hype the network hot words is also using this, let some vulgar "popular language of network spread network. Maybe we should believe that the language of the "self purification ability", do not worry too much fear, since ancient times has been in integration, innovation, eliminated, eventually settling down is the essence. But after all, language is a kind of culture, for individuals, choose what kind of language will influence the cultural connotation and the depth of our thoughts, but the wise man, always in Nishajuxia "trend" pick out what you want, rather than letting yourself into a "popular" whirlpool.相关的主题文章: