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People’s daily? "Said Anhui" news photography group into the   the panorama of the "most beautiful Shan" — Anhui Channel – 10 month 14, stone (Li Kuo Yao Qinglin) people’s daily 10 12 April to 14 day, "said Anhui? news photography team into shitaicounty Chizhou City 2 folk songs. During the period, the people’s Daily New Media Center Deputy Director Liu Xiaopeng was invited to lecture, introduces the exploration and practice in the field of new media people’s daily. During the event, the photography team members has in-depth Shitai County ecological landscape belt, natural selenium rich water, characteristics of villages and towns and other tourist spots, use the camera to record the economic and social development of Shitai county and the change of ecological protection measures. In the process of folk songs, the photography team also enabled the UAV aerial, aerial Shitai beautiful landscape. People’s daily? "Said Anhui news photography group is under the guidance of the Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, jointly set up by the Anhui branch of the people’s daily, Anhui channel, 16 in Anhui Province under the jurisdiction of the city party senior photographer and Anhui branch of the people’s daily, reporter Anhui channel as the main component. A group of photographers around the Anhui province key cities, major work and highlights the development of hot events in a timely manner to the people’s daily, feeds, and regularly organize the theme of folk songs, publicize and promote the achievement of economic and social development and construction of scenic spots around the urban and rural landscape. The afternoon of October 13th, Anhui branch of the people’s daily in Shitai county held a "people’s daily, the construction of the new media briefing". People’s daily Anhui bureau chief Zhu Sixiong attended the meeting, and to the provincial propaganda system informed the relevant person in charge of this year 1-8 month "people’s Daily" on Anhui’s propaganda, and the branch especially introduces the development of media convergence. At the meeting, deputy director of the people’s daily new media center Liu Xiaopeng people’s daily finance the construction of the new media made a special explanation. Liu Xiaopeng said that in the future people’s daily two micro end will be deeply involved in the "Yearbook of Anhui" activities, and try to be broadcast live. "The leadership of the provincial Propaganda Department of the" in Anhui "a high degree of concern and attention, and listened to the briefing." 13 afternoon, Fan Ronghui, director of Anhui province Internet publicity management office on behalf of the Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the success congratulations, "the first folk songs have been recognized by everyone, brand influence also louder, more widely, this activity has become an important platform for the promotion of Anhui." The event invited 16 provincial cities in Anhui municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister in charge attended. Chizhou municipal Party committee secretary Zhao Xinqun, mayor Yong Chenghan and other leaders attended the relevant activities. Shitai County, Chizhou city is located in the south of the province of Anhui, located in the core area of Anhui international cultural tourism demonstration area, is the first national demonstration area of the ecological economy, national key ecological function areas, the first batch of Anhui province tourism economic County, there are 6 4A level scenic spots, 110 thousand hectares of woodland, the forest coverage rate reached more than 81%, is the country the average level of 4 times. Shitai county is known as "half water half minutes of cropland", verdant mountains JUNBA, clear streams, fresh air, pleasant climate, air negative oxygen ion is the World Health Organization fresh) 人民日报?人民网“图说安徽”新闻摄影团走进石台 全景展现“最美山乡”–安徽频道–人民网 人民网石台10月14日电(李阔 姚庆林)10月12日至14日,人民日报?人民网“图说安徽”新闻摄影团队走进池州市石台县进行第二次采风活动。期间,人民日报社新媒体中心副主任刘晓鹏应邀授课,介绍了人民日报社在新媒体领域的探索和实践。 活动期间,摄影团队成员先后深入石台县原生态景观带、天然富硒水厂、乡镇特色旅游点等,用镜头记录石台县经济社会发展变化及生态保护举措等。采风过程中,摄影团队还启用了无人机航拍,空中俯瞰石台美丽景观。 人民日报?人民网“图说安徽”新闻摄影团是在安徽省委宣传部指导下,由人民日报社安徽分社、人民网安徽频道联合组建,以安徽16省辖市党报资深摄影记者和人民日报社安徽分社、人民网安徽频道记者为主体组成。 摄影团围绕安徽省重点工作、各市发展亮点、重大热点事件及时向人民日报、人民网供稿,同时定期组织主题采风活动,宣传推介各地经济社会发展成就和城乡景区建设风貌。 10月13日下午,人民日报社安徽分社还在石台县召开“人民日报新媒体建设情况通报会”。人民日报社安徽分社社长朱思雄出席会议,并向省市宣传系统相关负责人通报了今年1-8月《人民日报》对安徽的宣传报道情况,并就分社媒体融合发展进行了专门介绍。 会上,人民日报社新媒体中心副主任刘晓鹏就人民日报融新媒体建设情况作了专门讲解。刘晓鹏表示,今后人民日报“两微一端”也将深度参与“图说安徽”活动,并尝试对活动进行直播。 “省委宣传部领导对‘图说安徽’活动高度关心和重视,专门听取了情况介绍。”13日下午,安徽省互联网宣传管理办公室主任范荣晖代表安徽省委宣传部对活动的成功举办表示祝贺,“第一次采风活动已经得到大家的认可,品牌更加响亮,影响也更广,这个活动已成为宣传安徽的重要平台。” 此次活动邀请了安徽16个省辖市市委宣传部部长、分管副部长等参加。池州市委书记赵馨群、市长雍成瀚等相关领导参加了有关活动。 池州市石台县位于安徽省南部,地处皖南国际文化旅游示范区的核心区,是国家首批生态经济示范区、国家重点生态功能区,安徽省首批旅游经济强县,境内有4A级景区6个,林地11万公顷,森林覆盖率达81%以上,是全国平均水平4倍。 石台县素有“九山半水半分田”之称,境内山峦苍郁峻拔,溪流清澈,空气清新,气候宜人,大气负氧离子是世卫组织清新空气标准的35倍,土壤及农产品富含硒元素,为全国三大富硒地之一,被誉为“中国原生态最美山乡”。 分享到: (责编:金蕾欣、张磊)相关的主题文章: