December personal transfer to others through ATM will be 24 hours after arrival mia farrow

From December through the personal ATM to transfer the 24 hours after the arrival of the original title: the political solution | since December 1st of this year through the ATM to transfer the 24 hours after the arrival of the Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) this morning, the six departments jointly issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud crime in accordance with the notice". "Notice", since December 1, 2016, individual transfers to non bank accounts of the same name by the ATM, 24 hours after the arrival of funds. A staff member of a commercial bank told the Beijing News reporter, is actually a non namesake transfer to others such as transfer, "you give your friend a transfer is a non name transfer, if your bank card to your bank card transfer is the same account transfer". Reporters call the number of commercial banks is currently consulting non same account transfer, commercial bank’s customer service said that if it is working between the lines of personal account transfers can be real-time arrival; cross transfer to others, if the business in self-service terminals and through bank transfer, can also be real-time arrival; if the people’s bank transfer system. During the day, work time in real time to hit the other bank, but to the other bank after checking the information can be recorded. Agricultural bank customer service staff also said when questioned, between Agricultural Bank peers with the ATM machine transfer real-time arrival; interbank transfer if you use the ATM machine transfer, the maximum limit of 50 thousand, under normal circumstances is real-time arrival. The head office of the commercial bank staff said, in a lot of telecommunications fraud cases, victims are through the self-service machine, ATM machine to fraud personnel transfers, as if through online banking or counter transfer, will have the obvious risk that. The risk of being cheated by the ATM machine transfer is relatively high, many people do not see the tips posted on the ATM machine. Therefore, the staff believes that the current bank ATM transfer arrival time to adjust, "in the past are basically within 2 hours of arrival, and if the variable is 24 hours after arrival, transfer once people find themselves cheated, still have time to react, can go to the bank to cancel or transfer payment. If the arrival of 2 hours or real-time arrival, the transfer is too late." Such adjustments will affect the normal transfer business? The staff said, will certainly affect, but does not affect the number of specific statistics, and in addition to the ATM transfer, people can also use online banking transfers, counter transfer etc.. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章:

Disaster mitigation emboldened to environmental protection — tonya mitchell

Disaster mitigation emboldened to environmental protection — the first time self-help, to minimize the loss and to play walnut. The morning of September 11th, walnut base gurabardha sonfon fruit company in Hebei province Wuan City, fruitful branches, more than 10 villagers is carrying a bamboo basket to pick. It is difficult to imagine, in July 19th, there has been a once-in-a-century great flood. Sonfon fruit Limited company manager Ma Haicang said: "this year was a flood of walnut, but the harvest is still good, can produce 100 thousand pounds of walnut green husk estimation, can sell around 3 dollars per kilogram." The white village Party branch secretary Li Zigang said, the rain is too big, in the village of 300 acres of walnut base road destroyed, many trees tilt, just enter the stage of walnut, the villagers are worried. The key period, the county agricultural technology personnel, organize self-help production, explain how to prune, how to manage it, let us through. Looking at the breezea walnut growers, left Yuzhang said happily: "our walnut disaster basically did not cut this year out of poverty hat no problem." Walnut is one of the farmers industry in Wuan, the city’s more than and 20 towns, more than 80 thousand farmers planted 120 thousand acres of walnut varieties. July 19th floods, so that 40 thousand acres of walnut was a disaster, through the first time to save themselves, they put the loss to a minimum. Standardized planting, the yield of more than 20% years in addition to self-help effective, Wuan walnut harvest, the scale of operation and scientific planting contributed. Wuan is located in the Taihang Mountains, Yang Yi Guan Tao Xiang town and there are a lot of barren hills, many mountain farmers living in poverty. In recent years, farmer Guo Mingsheng transfer, the barren hills, built in forestry and animal husbandry Co. Ltd. Zhi Shou yuan, planted 12 thousand acres of walnut trees. The company free of charge to the farmers to provide biogas manure, organic fertilizer 5500 tons, with 220 thousand branches of walnut scion for growers, driven nearly 4000 farmers’ income. Standardized planting high yield. Wuan in the high yield walnut demonstration area set up a "production technical regulations," "walnut nuts quality" and other 20 standard system. High quality walnut cultivation area of 50 thousand acres, involving a total of more than 40 thousand farmers, walnut production increased by more than 20%. Scientific and technological innovation bear fruit. This year, the Wuan province of Hebei Province, the Ministry of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship walnut industry project acceptance by experts, improve the various forms of science and technology service system. Science and technology correspondent Yu Haitao, is now? Sichuan farm manager, he was holding two pieces of walnut, a pinch, exposing the walnut walnut. According to reports, this is called walnut mosaic walnut, as thin as paper, the whole kernel and the name, 1 pounds of market price to sell 8 yuan, also in short supply. Modern business organization, planting scientific, small walnut has become more and more farmers in Wuan become rich fruit. Last year, the city’s walnut production reached 14 million 600 thousand kg, the output value of $150 million, nearly 1500 yuan per household income. "People’s Daily" (09 October 2016 11 Edition) (Jiang Qi, Rui Zi: early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

Seasonal changes – baby cold care – Sohu maternal and child soojin

Seasonal variation of care — Sohu maternal baby cold autumn is getting stronger, cooler weather, especially temperature increase sooner or later, the slightest mistake, the baby is very easy to catch a cold. See the baby runny nose, sneezing, fever, always let mother distressed and trouble, then the baby when the cold how to properly care? Cold nursing principles: slow baby discomfort Bao Baoruo infected with the common cold, the medicine prescribed mainly to reduce symptoms, so the baby can sleep well, eat well, can use natural immunity for the disease cure. Therefore, cold care should be to ease the baby discomfort. 1 ease throat discomfort throat pain is the initial symptoms of a cold, but many baby sore throat, it is not the correct expression, and the throat is located in the human body, usually difficult to find strange. If the baby is more than usual crying, showing a physical discomfort, the mother may wish to let the baby open mouth, observe whether there is no throat. If there is swelling, to let the baby in time to add moisture, drink plenty of water, eat fruits, etc.. 2 help to clear the nose when the cold baby stuffy nose will be uncomfortable, but the baby is not to blow your nose, the nose, nasal or nasal drip thick yellow blocking nostrils, why let the baby crying endlessly. Whenmommy found the baby breathing when there is "hissing" sound, or unconsciously to mouth breathing, said his nose is not smooth, can use the nasal suction device manual or electric, to help the baby to suck the baby’s nose, relieve discomfort. For the baby to do a steam bath is also a good way to clear the nose, let the baby in a house full of steam for 15 minutes, the baby’s nose will be greatly improved. Don’t forget to immediately after the bath for the baby put on dry clothes. If you let the baby play in a little hot water for a while, but also can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and lower body temperature. Have the skills to take care of a cold mother feeding the baby has been confused, which is a big challenge for feeding mother. Forced method is easy to cause the baby to take medicine the fear, and even will eat into the medicine spit out, or to take time to cry loudly, refused to cooperate. Before feeding, the mother can taste it first, if there is a very strong bitter taste, can adjust some glucose water, let the baby more easily accept. Secondly, feeding time in 30 minutes before meals to 1 hours is better, in the baby slightly hunger, easier to swallow the medicine. The baby can’t use words to express their discomfort, cold restlessness, crying is homely food on the mother’s, psychological and physiological tests are great. So don’t worry too much, you should take the right care, patience to appease the crying baby. This article is provided by good pregnant mother, please indicate the source相关的主题文章:

Women are not suitable for pregnancy during these years – Sohu

In this period is not suitable for pregnant women – Sohu maternal baby is a major event in life, many young people will consider how to choose the best time for pregnancy, to give birth to a healthy baby into a happy family. In this, we conclude that there are ten unfavorable pregnancy period, please pay attention to. 1 when the recent mood swings, or mental trauma, not pregnant. 2 excessive smoking and drinking should not be immediately pregnant. 3 when I finish the reproductive organs after surgery, recovery time should not be less than 6 months of pregnancy, such as diagnostic curettage, artificial abortion, intrauterine device operation etc.. 4 avoid postpartum recovery time less than 6 months of pregnancy, so as not to affect the physical recovery. 5 usually contact with toxic substances (such as: pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium, narcotics, etc.) should not be immediately after the temporary pregnancy. 6 avoid exposure to X-rays, radiation therapy, viral infection or chronic disease medication, stop time less than 3 months pregnant. 7 avoid lack of oral contraceptives or implants withdrawal time 3 months pregnant, according to reports, contraceptive drugs can increase the body cells of sister chromatid exchange frequency, has a certain effect on the somatic chromosome. 8 avoid long-distance travel, fatigue and less than two weeks after conception. 9 avoid the bitterly cold heat, thunder storm when abnormal pregnancy. Because lightning can produce very strong radiation, resulting in germ cell chromosome aberration.相关的主题文章: