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Out of the ordinary people to open the purse drum open depth tour mode eleven golden week has passed, but the Chinese tourists outbound tourism unabated. Related reports show that last year, Chinese tourists overseas consumption over one hundred billion U.S. dollars, the choice of tourism destinations are increasingly diversified. Since 2012, for many years ranked the world’s largest outbound travel consumer countries, Chinese tourists to become a global mobile wallet? Data: China tourists outbound tourism consumption over billions of dollars of National Tourism Bureau released on the 19 2015 "China Tourism Statistical Bulletin" shows that Chinese outbound tourists reached 117 million people, tourism spending $104 billion 500 million, a year-on-year increase of 9% and 16.6% respectively. World Tourism Organization’s latest data show that in 2015, China continues to rank the world’s largest outbound travel consumer countries. Since 2012, China has occupied this position for many years. Dongxing securities latest research report pointed out that China’s outbound tourism market is entering a period of rational growth, the next 5 to 10 years will not change the fundamentals of stable growth. Reason – income growth, consumption upgrade for many years in the world, why in the outbound tourism in China so fire? Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) combing the relevant information found that there are a number of reasons for the basic recognition, such as the growth of Chinese residents’ income, consumer upgrades, visa policy favorable. Said Wei Changren, founder of the powerhouse consulting travel experts told Beijing interview, which is directly related to the income level of residents and Chinese, with the increase of income, Chinese tourists will have outbound travel demand, this is an inevitable choice of other tourism market mature countries, such as Europe and the United States have experienced this stage. Why are there so many outbound tourists after the golden week? Wei Changren analysis, "a lot of golden week tourists, tourism experience is not so perfect, some tourists holiday flexible, may deliberately avoid the golden week, the pursuit of a better travel experience; there are some tourist destinations affected by season, conventional tourist peak or is not the best tourist season, visitors can stagger the time." In addition, some tourists choose to travel abroad or travel service and price, after more than China golden week exposed the "super" consumer events. Often travel Mr. Zhang said in an interview Beijing, "in my experience, a trip to Hainan (Beijing, five days of night), normal consumption, at least have to spend ten thousand yuan, is not necessarily a good play; spend the same money really is better to play in Southeast asia." The destination – the trend of diversification, depth of travel are favored in the outbound Redubujian situation, there are some new trends, Beijing, combing the relevant report found that more and more people tour and exit the "depth of experience tour, outbound destinations are diversified. For example, this year the double eleven period, Russia suddenly become China outbound destination of the "dark horse", Ctrip to Beijing to provide the data show that the number of Russian tourists will travel to China this year than last year increased by more than 50%, is expected to close to 2 million people, consumption in Russia相关的主题文章: