Officials died in a car accident but now wounds arm families refused burial 月丘うさぎ

Officials died in a car accident but now "wounds" arm families refused burial original title: two months ago officials encounter "accident" died "wounds" family members refused to arm is buried the city of Jieyang Huilai County, the family of the deceased in the freezer storage requirements for two months corpse investigation, local police said respect for the law medicine conclusion nearly two months ago, Jieyang Huilai County Kuitan administration director Huang Xiquan died unexpectedly, unexpectedly things so far, his body is still stored in the freezer, can not be laid to rest. Express reporter recently visited found that this situation is caused by the difference between the family and the local police in the cause of death of the deceased. The local police after several times after the autopsy that Huang Xiquan in the traffic accident to fall wounded to death, and their families but from the body multiple illogical wound — especially the left forearm about 10 cm and a "cut" — that Huang Xiquan may have been retaliation to death. The sixty motorcycle accident victim night out of the 62 year old Huang Xiquan is a native of Huilai, the September 4th day, his mother died more than a year to "Feng Shui (i.e. the grave)", after dinner, he called his family arranged next to the mother’s grave "end mountain" matters. Then, with his silver female motorcycle he was riding out the door, to a friend’s house doing tea. As usual, Huang Xiquan did not go out to greet his family, if no accident, he will be 10 to 11 in the evening to go home to rest. "He had a couple of cups of tea at my house, and I got a call from a friend." Huang Xiquan’s good friend Huang Xiquan (a pseudonym) recalls, the Argentine soon left his home, the reason is "I was rushed past". Toutun Kuitan village is located about 5 kilometers northeast of the two, by the National Highway 324 (Guangshan road connection). In late September 4th 8 pm, the Argentine left home not long after Huang Xiquan was found lying in the Road 324 Toutun Road, head and limbs multiple bleeding, vomiting blood, has become unconscious. Anhui Suzhou Laosun recycling stations operating at the scene opposite, after the incident, he was one of the witnesses involved in rescue. "At that time I was watching TV, suddenly heard the opposite of ‘flutter’, listening to a plastic bottle was like a burst of pressure." He said, after a few minutes, he saw the traffic is slow or rounded, aware of the accident. I went to the opposite, a man lying on the ground, next to a motorcycle lying." Old memories, the casualty has a diameter of more than and 60 cm of blood, he dare to rescue them, so while the police, while placing roadblocks in the park to. He said, when the ambulance arrived, he had to help the injured ambulance, "at that time (injured) was still breathing". The left arm is the right question motorcycle rollover wound at 8:30 pm the night of the incident, Huang Xiquan’s two son Huang Zhenlong heard Father’s accident, rushed to a hospital near the scene, the ambulance came just carrying Huang Xiquan. Subsequently, the injured were sent to a better condition of Puning overseas Chinese hospital rescue. The next day at 1 am, Huang Xiquan died due to injury. September 5th, Huang Xiquan’s body was transported back to the family home Kwai, ready to press the local wind相关的主题文章: