Ningbo man home jump bed naked a strange woman polartec

Ningbo man home jump bed naked a strange woman in September 21st 16 PM, Mr. Zhu Ningbo Yinzhou streets under the usual home, back to the bedroom to change clothes and rest. Open the bedroom door, he was shocked: her lying on the bed a man, was a stay naked young woman! Looking at a woman bursts of snoring, Mr. Zhu immediately took out his mobile phone to the police station should hit the alarm call. The police rushed to the scene, wake up the sleeping woman, and let the female police of its inquiry. However, the woman seemed mentally abnormal, and asked her if she did not answer. At this time, Mr. Zhu’s wife Ms. Wang came home with a child that has just ended, the home has a strange woman, after a scare, suddenly remembered he had to go out to pick up the kids from school, children feel home from school near, just the door unlatched and unlocked. Further understanding of the scene police found that the woman is Yinzhou Tong Town People Lee (a pseudonym). 21 afternoon, the family forced her to break up with her current boyfriend, Lee and his parents after several big quarrel away from home. Perhaps because of emotional frustration, Lee after leaving the spirit of trance, all the way from the pond town to the next street. At 15:40 in the afternoon, she was passing through the door of Mr. Zhu, found the door did not lock, they like the doings of ghosts and gods went in. Then on the two floor of the bath, wash clothes, and then in nature’s garb lying on the bed of the bedroom zhu. Due to the loss of nothing at home, Mr. Zhu couple is just a false alarm, then the police will be Lee back to the police station, linked to the Lee family to her home. Police said, but Mr. Zhu saw the naked Li Moushi did not produce bad idea, or bring a tragedy two families will.相关的主题文章: