Never Lose A Loyalty Car Again

Internet-and-Business-Online We all know the benefits of being part of our favorite retailers rewards and loyalty programs. Discounts, exclusive offers, free products or services with the purchase of a certain amount over time are just some of the benefits that were used to. These are nice rewards, but the convenience of carrying cards doesnt always work in our favor and they usually find their way into a junk drawer somewhere in your house. So how can you make sure not to misplace your rewards cards? And more importantly how can we have the cards with us while were at our favorite store without carrying a bag around with all the loyalty cards in it? The answers is simple, adds your loyalty and rewards cards to your iPhone and always have them available with the tap and swipe of a finger. Once theyre added to your phone youll have a way to back them up in the cloud or on a remote secure server / .puter. First you obviously need an iPhone with a camera (iPhone 3G and up), then you need to login to the app store on your phone and search for the MyEchain app. There is a free version and a paid version available for $2.99 of MyEchain loyalty and rewards cards for your iPhone app. Once you have the loyalty and rewards cards app installed on your phone, its time to add your loyalty cards to MyEchain. From the main menu click on Add Card, now a list appears of all loyalty programs available, select the card you want to add and you will be brought to a page where you can scan the loyalty card into your iPhone. Just point the iPhone camera in the direction of your loyalty card in a well-lit environment. The iPhone will automatically detect the loyalty card barcode and add it to your phone. Repeat the process with all of your cards so they will be on your phone. Now its time to add an account so you can store the loyalty card bar codes remotely and back them up in the cloud. Once your account is setup, tap on the Sync button and youll see the current date, which your cards were synchronized with the cloud. In the future when you add more cards you can .e back to this account page and click Snyc to sync all of your latest cards. Thats it you now have all of your loyalty rewards cards on your iPhone, all backed up so you will never lose them again. Having your loyalty and rewards cards on your iPhone is simple with the MyEchain loyalty card app. With a free download and a paid version, anyone with an iPhone can download and start using this today. No longer worry about carrying your loyalty cards around with you or misplacing them, join the thousands who are enjoying the freedom to save money, redeem points, and free themselves from additional clutter in their lives. Download MyEchain today for the best iPhone rewards and loyalty card app. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: