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Nearly 80% users on the banquet had been drunk Views: Quanjiu to Beijing in the South China Sea, the South China Sea bear network client Haikou on September 12th news (South China Sea network reporter Liu Mai) September 10th, a hotel in the town of Wenchang City, held a wedding, the 28 year old maid Yang because of alcohol poisoning, cause vomit blocked airway suffocation killed. After the South China Sea network reported the matter, surging news, Tencent news and other media forwards and references, and cause social concern and heated discussion. September 12th, the South China Sea network reporter from Wenchang police to get the latest progress of the matter is that the relevant circumstances and liabilities are still under investigation and consultation. Family members of the deceased and the families of the wedding is held to negotiate compensation issues, the two sides are not willing to accept an interview. "Have you ever been drunk at a banquet?" "The wedding bridesmaid to pour wine, how do you see?" September 12th, the South China Sea network of these issues on the internet. As of 9 in the evening, the results of the survey showed that about 79.3% of users in the feast was poured wine. Some users especially delay drunk behavior, think alcohol is bad habits, inhuman; should be "limited prohibition". There are friends that want to advocate civilized wedding, is to drink the fun should be moderate. Some netizens pointed out that the death of this person should be responsible for the death of the same table. The relevant reports in the lawyer said, as a person with full capacity for civil conduct bridesmaids, on their own to take the main responsibility; convened the wedding the bride and groom to the wedding guests, have the obligation to ensure the safety, in this event to bear secondary responsibility. After investigation, table man Quanjiu, especially in women has shown numerous liquor after being forced Quanjiu, then urging people who are responsible (three in the light).相关的主题文章: