Mrs. Zou Shiming was controversial Xuan Xuan teenage child can’t play

Mrs. Zou Shiming was controversial Xuan Xuan teenage child can’t play? In the WBO world flyweight champion gold belt in the battle, Zou Shiming after round of fighting, defeated the Thailand midfielder Papom, became the first WBO won the world champion gold belt China boxer, before adding the Olympic gold medal and the Asian Games, World Championship Boxing gold medal, Zou Ming realized the Grand Slam boxing career "".   after the win, Zou Shiming and his wife Ran Yingying in Taiwan on smooching, at the moment, Ran Yingying will be pushed on the hot search list. We (Zou Shiming and his wife a passionate kissing)     with the hot search champion title, the two day a son Zou Mingxuan ran Yingying furious rebuke waste heat transfer in the circle cake video sister circle of friends. We         video due to fat Xuan waste cake, angered mother, even in the side bow, selling spoiled as the mother Ran Yingying is adorable, strong attitude, even stop washing tasks, turn off the tap, and loudly denounced Zou Mingxuan, "do you want to buy! Cake is used to do! How to use it with water! You go and eat it!".   know do wrong Zou Mingxuan carefully called mother, hoping to get the mother to forgive me, but now Ran Yingying emotional turmoil, "I do not deserve to be your mother, you don’t deserve to be my son!"     click on the network issued after the video has been very high, watching the video, many parents think that education is very down to earth. Netizens have formed two strands of battle, while strict parent education can speak good, one side is too hard, not education.   is not easy to make money, child education waste behavior is not desirable, yanmu dutiful son, "every meal we eat is the father of a boxing punch". The whole process of Xuan Xuan has been trying to close to mom, please mother, softly asked my mother to forgive, the response is: boiling point! You don’t have to live up to: @ see that you want to cry, after graduating from the University, accidentally made a mistake before being scolded, mother suddenly don’t scold me, quietly pick up the pieces, then suddenly felt the old mother, I grow up.   @ South effect: Mom respect father, father know that money is not easy, so the education of children, we have all experienced…   @ Hello: next to beg Xuan Xuan looked was very sad, not a little patience?     Xuan Xuan mother is not a as an understanding wife and loving mother? Obviously not! Zou Shiming in the game sweat shed blood in the burden of pressure on all the Ran Yingying a person’s shoulder, watching Ran Yingying go out wearing 8 cm high heels, bent back with two plump children to go out, look at the ring sister show, more than once by the woman to shock!   however, from the perspective of educational methods, the way of education is really very Chinese style",.相关的主题文章: