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Mother was playing mahjong 3 year old daughter lost an hour did not find – Sohu news reporter asked the girl lost to the police for the first time this year, adults playing mahjong lost children thing, but also a lot. At noon the day before yesterday, Shapingba district police handling similar cases together. Until the child, the child’s mother came back to god. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun picked up a three year old girl the day before yesterday at noon, 110 fast alarming police Yang Xiaofeng and colleagues drove patrol to the University City Road, saw a motorcycle parked on the roadside, a young woman sitting in the car, there is a little girl crying on the car. Yang Xiaofeng got off the woman’s motorcycle. Yang Xiaofeng asked the little girl, "is she your mother?" "Not." The little girl answered. Police comrades, you misunderstood! I’m not a human trader." The young woman hastened to answer, she took out the document explained, "I live nearby." Originally, 30 year old young woman Zhang do home, passing near the University City Road City hyupshin cubic cell, see the roadside a very cute little girl cried. A small piece of mind of compassion, also afraid of the little girl met bad, he stopped to help her find her mother, did not expect to encounter the police. The little girl said he was three years old, named He Yaoyao (a pseudonym), she can only say that he can live in the direction of. Police and Zhang had to take the little girl in the vicinity of slowly looking for. Tracing to find mahjong hyupshin cubic city district is a relatively large area, the way they are asked to, nobody knows He Yaoyao. Soon, however, a security guard came out. "It seems that I have seen the child, remember should live in our neighborhood." A security guard feels like He Yaoyao. He Yaoyao said his mother’s name. "Well, the owner is really our neighborhood." After hearing the name of security, very sure. At this time, He Yaoyao took the police into the small atrium. "I found it. I know where my mother is." She said happily. Police and Zhang followed Yuri Huang walk, went to the first floor of a mahjong, when Yuri Huang shouted a mother, stopped crying. Yao son." A young woman answered with a hug and ran past He Yaoyao. The woman was a little surprised, I do not know why her daughter hung up his face full of tears. I lost mother daughter Yang Xiaofeng reluctantly told the careless mother: "your daughter lost in the road outside, cried for a long time." Subsequently, Yang Xiaofeng verified the identity of young women, confirmed that Wu Li (a pseudonym) is indeed the mother of the mother of He Yaoyao. Wu Li said he did not know the child lost. "I didn’t find out that she had been playing with the kids." Yesterday afternoon, Wu Li rest. After lunch, Wu Li took her daughter to the district mahjong entertainment. Wu Li saw He Yaoyao in the district and small partners to play, but also did not worry, rest assured playing mahjong. He Yaoyao off and on to tell his mother, he and the children ran away on the side of the District, then the small partners are gone, she can not find the way home. "You are too careless, wanderers lost more than an hour to do not know." Yang Xiaofeng batch.相关的主题文章: