Mid Autumn Festival moon cake how to eat the most healthy e2140

Mid Autumn Festival moon cake how to eat the most healthy? Abstract: moon cake is a symbol of the mid autumn festival food, sweet and soft by the children like. But eat moon cake should also pay attention to collocation, otherwise may make the body feel uncomfortable. Frankly, the moon cake of high sugar, high fat, high calorie, high cholesterol, but the lack of vitamins, cellulose and rice, vegetables, fish and other nutrients contained in the food, is an absolute junk food. Not suitable for baby food. That said, but in the Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake is also quite interesting, It’s only human., if is to grasp the sense of proportion, no big deal. Note here about eating moon cakes: first of all, the principle is to eat moon cakes are to be tasted, even if the "sugar free cakes" or meat cakes do not let the children eat, but can not replace the normal diet when the meal, and eat moon cakes to reduce the appetite. Secondly, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, duodenal ulcer, stomach disease, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis of these 8 disease patients should Shensi (best fasting) moon cake, otherwise it may endanger the health and disease attack. Also, eat moon cakes can give the baby to drink some tea, Green Tea collocation, Oolong Tea, the best drink vinegar drink to help greasy, help digestion. Can also be rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber grapefruit, raw pears, oranges and other fruits. On the contrary, the higher the caffeine content in tea and coffee; soft drinks, cola and other carbonated beverages also contain a lot of sugar and calories, and not with the moon. Finally, don’t let the baby eat moon cakes in the morning fasting, before going to sleep at night. Most of the moon is sweet, the morning fasting eat moon cake will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and pantothenic acid cause stomach discomfort; eat high cholesterol containing cakes before going to sleep, will increase the risk of sudden cardiovascular disease in the middle of the night. So it should be a period of time after a meal, semi fasting state of the moon cake cut to eat. Xiaobian summary: happy holidays, fun to eat, life is definitely one of the good things. Mid Autumn Festival is coming, to the baby and the family arranged a healthy and delicious feast.相关的主题文章: