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Mei Lanfang "ghost" – Beijing Laoqian ghostwriter painting, since ancient times, this seems to be an open secret circle, do not feel there is what moral. Wen Zhiming and Dong Qichang have a lot of talk about ghostwriting paintings, but laugh. Zhang Boju in the "Mei Lanfang painting plum" in an article, Mei Lanfang discloses the ghost: "Mei Lanfang Wan Hua Mei, for many people, to be, and not wanting to, then the ghost of qian. In the good old days (Lugou Bridge incident) before China Hongkong, soup Dingzhi polyester generation. Tang painting is popular, very elegant. Wan Hua after the return to Beijing, and the age of death, by Wang Aishi generation. Although Wang painting plum, and rhyme is less than the. After Wang also died, I do not know who is acting? More than wang." Say there is a kind of mold, even said sequence of events is very clear, that is not to deceive the public on behalf of strokes, secretive, can be said to be a semi open game. Coincidentally, the period of the Republic of China in the "my old newspaper, Chuan Ying Lou memoir", wrote Mei Lanfang’s ghost paintings, this is his personal experience. From my "times" after a period of time living in Beijing. Because Mei Lanfang is his old friend, come to Shanghai, he had to give him a fan, painting is the flower, fall is Mei Lanfang, because the other side of the fan is blank, so take this opportunity to refer to Beijing, please Mei Lanfang in the blank, then the title of a word. But see Mei Lanfang, Mei frankly: last time I came to Shanghai, we talk down or send everyone a good fan, so please draw a dozen pieces, presented to the Shanghai friends, I can not deceive you, after two days I will personally draw a picture for you. This words, said Bao did not get angry, but for Mei Lanfang’s honesty and moved.相关的主题文章: