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Health The theory behind meal replacement diets that have soared in popularity these days among those seeking to burn off the excess fats is that the replacement of two meals everyday with shakes can limit caloric intake and promote weight loss. Breakfast and lunch are usually substituted with meal replacement shakes with dinner being a .plete meal consisting of about 500 to 600 calories. In between the main meals are low-fat snacks that can .e in the form of another meal replacement snack bar or a piece of fruit. Meal replacement diets are quick and easy ways to begin the process of weight loss. Nothing else could be simpler than choosing which flavor of a particular shake you wish to eat for breakfast, opening the contents, and mixing it with water to make a shake. Simpler still is drinking the mixture. Breakfast is done in less than five minutes. Where nutrition is concerned, meal replacements have also been tailored to provide .plete and balanced nutrition. The bars and shakes have vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats at the right amounts the body needs to function well. If you’re thinking about going on a diet without having to go through the .plex process of calorie-counting and portion control, then this is the goldmine. But meal replacement diets are not for the long term. For starters, choosing only from vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavors for breakfast and lunch can grow stale after a while. There is no taste or texture to be savored in a liquid diet which is one reason why most can’t stay with their eating plans for the set time period. Its ease is also its undoing. The long-term health consequences are also another reason to be wary about meal replacements. A liquid diet is highly limited in its fiber content. As a result, constipation and other digestive problems occur when a dieter undergoes meal replacement diets. Painful hemorrhoids are often the result of pushing and straining in the toilet. Moreover, meal replacement products are usually high in protein. While proven to be healthful and nutritious in small amounts and for the short-term, overconsumption has led health and nutrition experts to be concerned with the health issues it brings. Kidney and liver damage and a weakening of the bones due to a loss in bone density have been linked to these meal replacement products. This is still an on-going controversy on both sides of the spectrum. But until conclusive long-term studies will already tell the whole story about these shakes and snack bars, it’s always to your advantage to consume these in moderation for short periods of time. Finally, meal replacement does not teach a dieter long-term healthy food choices and changes in dietary habits that are an important .ponent of a successful weight loss program. Because of the limited choices and safety concerns, you will eventually have to stop relying on meal replacements. What happens? You haven’t been taught about healthy food preparations or non-fat cooking options. Eventually, you will go back to unrestricted food intake which will undo all your weight loss efforts. Meal replacement should only be used to jumpstart your fat burning diet. They should not be made as a healthy long-term eating solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: