May just rock it 2016 day’s concert concert in Nanchang heat mycoolboy

May "Just Rock It" 2016 day’s concert concert in September 17, 2016 May day Nanchang thermal, "Just Rock It 2016 is a concert concert at the Nanchang Sports Center stadium! After separated for four years, in May the day once again set foot on the early autumn of Nanchang, new friends and old friends waiting for heat lying open, "party party all 9"! Haven’t met in a long time May day fans, the concert hasn’t begun on the opening chorus mode, 30 thousand people live with the song "MV" later "we, return time and again idol, amazing popularity visible May day" concert king "! "Just Rock It" is the 2016 concert in NanChang Railway Station is following the 2012 "Noah’s Ark" concert, May day returned to the Nanchang concert, stage design and luxurious song is demonstrating to the Nanchang fans full of sincerity. This concert was chosen in Nanchang’s iconic world-class stadium, and the scene of the 30 thousand fans spent the most wonderful night, will be moved to the new memory, written in May and fans of the autobiography. They are late occasionally, but they will arrive! May days with Just Rock It 2016 is the concert glory to jiangxi". The return "Jiangxi" is not only to meet with the fans waiting for four years in the "old place", is returning to the ninth Zhang Quanxin album "autobiography" the perfect answer to the fans to hand over. A concert beginning from 2016 "Do you ever" shine "1999" sings padder, a series of classic songs the audience chorus resounded through the skies of Nanchang, detonated the wave of climax of the concert. When "contentment" the song sounded, the audience spontaneously come up with mobile phone manufacturing dazzling sparkle Xinghai Concert scene collocation, a bright full moon over, let Axin can not help but get excited said: "we checked the weather before, said it may rain today. Thank heaven tonight to give us a good weather, how many stars are there in the sky, we may not know, but I know that tonight at the stadium with 30 thousand stars to accompany us, so beautiful, so shining." From the early summer singing autumn September, "Just Rock It 2016 is a concert every station to get the fans support 100%. Meet again still warm in Nanchang, not only let the stone excited: "it’s unbelievable, praising the May day in Nanchang the number is not much, but to see so many people support us in the audience, I think more than now, the future will be very concerned about you!" Martha always love is a humorous ridicule style, sensibility to the scene fans confession: "just when prepared in the side of the station, heard everyone follow MV chorus of our new song, felt very touched, you pay so much for the May day, today will be hard to show new and wonderful memories in my heart." Guan Yu is that the fans have to do their best to make the chorus, Guan Yu before performing occasional restaurant owner, the entire city of Nanchang, Wuhan, etc. Changsha around the city, and even the whole of Asia have heard.相关的主题文章: