[map] 28.8-68.4 million sale of BMW brilliance new 3 officially listed Sohu car barcarolle

[map] 28.8-68.4 million sale of BMW brilliance new 3 officially listed Sohu automobile Sohu [auto   new]2016 in September 19th, BMW new 3 Series officially listed, the new car is equipped with 1.5T 2.0T 3.0T launched a total of three engines a total of 11 models, the price range of 28.8-68.4 million. The appearance of the part: the new BMW 3 series has been adjusted in the name of some models, the current BMW 3 series 316I 316Li models, the name changed to 318i 318Li in the new model, 328i 328Li change to 330i 330Li, so the car tail logo also makes a unified adjustment. In addition, the new BMW 3 series 318i Li models of single type outlet diameter increased from 70mm to 75mm 330i Li, unilateral double exhaust hole diameter increased from 65mm to 70mm, 320i Li single by unilateral exhaust upgrade for unilateral double exhaust. Configuration: the new BMW 3 Series increased the function of natural speech recognition system, the new iDrive interface ID5, wireless charging and Wi-Fi hotspot in some models, and for the first time introduced in the long wheelbase models in M sports suit, and increased the four-wheel drive version of the model in the 320Li fashion type. Power: the new BMW 3 series B series of new engine assembly, including the use of B38 (1.5T- three cylinder), B48 (2.0T) and B58 (3.0T) engine to replace the current model with N13 (1.6T- four cylinder), N20 (2.0T) and N55 (3.0T) engine, transmission system match training the 8 speed manual gearbox. (Note: the pictures are 2016 BMW 328Li fashion type) (Editor: Xiong Fei)相关的主题文章: