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Self-Improvement The secret to finding happiness is in manifesting gratitude in our daily lives. When we have sincere gratitude, it brings feelings of joy and happiness. We can always find many things for which we can be grateful: all of our positive social connections; times during the day when we can enjoy our own brand of humor; freedom from stressful situations; any experience that improves our sense of self-esteem; experiences that bring us out of ourselves. Living in the present moment is a skill and a mindset that helps us find the magic in special moments for which we can be grateful. Happiness isnt somewhere else or some other time, it is now in the present, snuggling with a pet or person, walking in the forest or enjoying a good joke. Act happy as if you are totally fun to be with; others will feel that you think positively about them and like them as well. It is easier sometimes to act ourselves into a way of thinking rather than thinking our way into taking action. Action is needed. Manifest gratitude each time you take positive action. Be grateful for your work. When you are not passionate about the work that you are currently doing, it is wise to be grateful for the benefits you do receive from your work. Think of the positive relationships you have, the little moments of happiness when someone smiles at you, the monetary reward you receive regularly, the security afforded you by having your job. There is always something for which you can be grateful. In practicing this daily action, you attract more for which you can be grateful. At the same time, seek work that you find interesting and challenging, a place where you can be more creative and happy and more grateful. Exercise your body so you can better energize yourself through movement you enjoy. If done on a regular basis, this releases stress from the body and mind, builds self-confidence, keeps you more optimistic with higher spirits and promotes fitness of the body, all things for which you can manifest gratitude. Rest is not collapsing on the couch and turning on the TV. Any kind of stimulus does not promote true rest for the body-mind. Research has shown that a literal day of "REST"- that is, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy – can work wonders. After a day of quiet and rest on a .fortable bed in a dark, soundproofed room, people feel refreshed with an improved ability to take action to reach their goals such as to eat more nourishing meals, to lose weight or other health and wellness issues. Smaller amounts of solitude, even a few minutes of daily prayer or meditation, can provide spiritual recharge to promote more happiness and for which you can manifest more gratitude. Make time for adult fun. Having fun does not necessarily mean you must plan a big night out on the town with the girls or with the men, nor does it mean you have to save money for your next fun day. It can simply mean doing the little things that give you joy. Do what you love to do during unstructured time like carving a pumpkin, picking pretty flowers or colored leaves, making a new recipe, playing golf although you have never played before. Any activity where you can experience your own creativity, be totally relaxed and having fun, where you can let go and relieve stress, consider to be adult play. You will be happy and grateful at the same time. Make time for it now in your schedule. Dont know how to have fun? Play with children; they will be your best teachers. They know how to have fun naturally. Join them often and you will feel happier, healthier and more grateful as you design a higher quality life for yourself. Remember to include in your life all of the things that bring you happiness and joy and at the same time remember that the secret to happiness lies in manifesting heartfelt gratitude. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: