Male doctors hold girls watching cartoons into Wanghong before operation, let the girl crying in Bei splitit

Male doctors hold girls watching cartoons into Wanghong before operation, let the girl crying in the new network – the doctor will hold the child calm in the bosom. Reporter publicity photo a photo, a man wearing a surgical gown, wearing a mask, a man holding a girl watching cartoons. This picture also shows the upcoming surgery of the girl in the doctor’s comfort, let her from crying to emotional calm process. Recently, this photo in micro-blog lit up, quickly set off a warm current in the Changchun medical workers in the WeChat circle of friends. 28, place — hospital plastic surgery reporters came to the photos, pictures approached the party in the reduction of the warmth of the story behind the photo. The photo tells us once again a male doctor "love" is Meng Meng Da our doctor is really good." "Love this doctor to see him so there is love, medicine is also not bad." Recently, micro-blog’s "Changchun Simon Guanren forwarded a male doctor just holding a girl watching cartoon pictures immediately get 282 praise, praise and many messages. According to information, the 28 day, the reporter took the mobile phone in the photograph to the hospital of plastic surgery, the nurses to see photos of the male doctor, immediately recognized male doctor is Zhang wei. Unfortunately, Zhang doctors are other patients to do the operation in operation room. Wait, the nurses told reporters, when they saw this picture in the WeChat circle of friends, the first feeling is very warm, in order to transfer the warmth, many people have passed this photo in his WeChat circle of friends, when you pass the name of the micro-blog forwarding is this picture with fire. In life, Dr. Zhang is also particularly caring for his "net red", we are not surprised. Reporters wait until 12:30 Xu, Zhang Wei doctor ended an operation. In an interview with reporters, he said with a smile: "did not expect the fire!" it is 26 am, Zhang Wei was a doctor at night, parents holding a crying girl adorable (a pseudonym) came to the emergency room, after asking that the girl is only 27 months old, when you wake up go to bed at home, accidentally knock on his forehead in the window, causing a wound about 2 cm. In the face of the girl’s injury, suture surgery is a must, in order to reduce the impact of surgery to girls, local anesthesia has become the best way. But girls are too small to be prepared for anesthesia. The child into a strange environment alone, not accompanied by their parents, crying is certain." Dr. Zhang Wei said. Sure enough, just into the disposal room, small Meng immediately appeared irritability, but also gradually crying up. Because the child crying, anesthesia is impossible to implement. At that time did not think too much, I would like to hold him, the child will be a lot of heart." Zhang Wei said. In order to comfort the little Meng, Zhang Wei opened the phone in the cat and mouse to the small meng. Soon, accompanied by cartoons, Meng Meng’s mood gradually better, and cooperate with the doctor to complete the operation. Every day the face of small patients like this "love" has long been used to say here,相关的主题文章: