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Travel-and-Leisure Singapore may be a popular destination when it comes to its various attractions. However, apart from this, Singapore is also best known for its culinary taste and cuisines, especially when it reflects its cultural influences. Since Singapore boasts of a melting pot of a culture, the culinary offerings here will provide you with a mouth-watering opportunity with every bite you take. If you are travelling here on a Singapore tour package, here is the perfect culinary guide to refer when looking out for a perfect meal experience. Open food courts: Hawker centers also known as open food courts are the best way to get a local taste of Singapore back to its roots. These food courts first sprang during the early 50s, forming a lifeline to locals during the countrys development days. Today, there are over a hundred different hawking centers all over the city, providing you with a variety of culinary choices. You can even get comfort food like hokkien mee which is egg noodles that is stir-fried with egg, pork and prawns or even orh lua which is oyster omelette. Biryani and fish head curry are also popular choices. A popular place to visit is Lau Pa Sat especially amongst the locals. Post 7 pm, this place transforms into a chaotic outdoor restaurant, so do get there in time. Another place you can visit is the Maxwell Food center, which is best known for its Tian Tian chicker rice. Dont forget to try the nasi lemak in the Changi Village Food center or even the Smith Street for a wider variety of Singaporean culinary choices. Peranakan cuisines: a perfect blend of the local and migrant culinary. The Peranakans cuisines comprises of a unique cultural culinary blend of the Chinese, Malay and Singaporean tastes. Some of the meals you must have are the kueh pie tee which is a pastry cup that is filled with a spicy, sweet mixture of shredded vegetables and garnished with prawns. The ayam buah keluak is also must try. It comprises of chicken that is braised with turmeric, galangal and lemongrass cooked with Indonesian black nuts. An iconic Peranakan cuisine that is a must have is the laksa, which you can get in the Jo Chiat. Area. In Chinatown, you can get authentic Peranakan meals in the Blue Ginger restaurant. Celebrity restaurants Owning to its rising popularity, plenty of famous chefs are opening their own restaurants in this city. Some of the popular choices include Restaurant Andre and Waku Ghin which is in the top 50 restaurants of the world. Asias best restaurant is also located here, which is David Thompson of Bangkoks Nahm. Even famous Gordon Ramsays Bread Street Kitchen is located here. No trip on your Singapore tour package is completed without trying the local delights. Visit here today to try out these delicious meals that will leave you craving for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: