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Real-Estate What do you look for in Marco Island homes? Do you click all listings under Marco Island homes for sale and constantly check out on this one feature that you want in a home? Do you go for Marco Island luxury homes or the affordable ones? Here are among the common questions that a real estate investor has in mind. But for professional realtors they are equipped on how a property can be out in the market before 90 days. Apparently, 90 days of no acquired sales for a property means that you have to either lower your price or improve the property. So, what are the common features that buyers look in a property? 1.Outside They say that the first thing that attracts a buyer is through the home exterior. Aside from the fact that it is the first thing that they will see, the exterior lifts the whole property look. Has someone who showed you a book with a good cover but as you open it you were deceived that its not a book? This applies when it comes to a property. Start mowing your front yard or contact a landscaping or masonry company. Hire a tree removal service to make room for a pleasant home faade. 2.Paint When it comes to paint, a slight mistake can ruin everything. If you plan to do it yourself, you must be careful in choosing the paint color. Most of the time, homeowners tend to ignore the basic principle of all designing concepts: simplicity. Have a simple paint color through using neutral colors that go around the colors of white and beige. For optimal results, hire an experienced artisan. Remember to coordinate the colors with the furniture in a room. This is the easiest way to achieve a house that has matching interior paint colors. 3.Leaks Who would want to buy a house that has leaks all over? This only goes to show that youre not prepared to sell your house or property. Check for leaks in your tubs and sinks. Hire a plumbing contractor that has been providing professional services in your area. A mere leak can make a potential buyer generalize your home as poorly maintained. If youre the seller, have it inspected before anyone shows up in your foyer. 4.Carpets and Flooring One of the simple features that buyers look into are the carpets and flooring in a home. A simple home can be turned to a luxury home with a beautiful carpet or flooring. Whether you have vinyl or hardwood flooring, what matters is the quality and cleanliness therein. Find a reliable flooring contractor in your location. Clean those messy carpets and repair those problematic flooring. Make it shine bright to lure the potential buyers. 5.Kitchen Mostly, buyers always inspect the kitchen. It is the most expensive area in the house and if it is well maintained you can just spot clean the area. On the other hand, adding new fixtures will save you from staying in the listings for months. You dont have to make it look elegant but at least let the buyer see that you have a functional and lovely kitchen. Foodie buyers always check the home kitchen during an open house and this is your spot where you can get sales right away. These are just the most popular features that make a buyer create a deal. If youre property has been on the listings for quite 3 months time, you should take note of the following corners of your house. If not, having your property on the listings for more than 2 months is already an indication that you either have to lower your asking price or improve the property. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: