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Legal There are reasons why we have laws on drunk driving yet most states still report approximately half of the accidents are alcohol-related. This says many people believe the laws are for everyone else but them! Even worse many of these cases involve youthful drivers who are not old enough to drink legally. Teens and Drunk Driving While the problem with drunk driving is escalating, teenage drunk driving facts are extremely alarming to say the least. Here are some facts: Eight teens die every day because of teenage drunk driving In 2003 an alarming thirty one percent of teen drivers who were killed in auto accidents had been drinking. Nearly half (40%) of fatal car crashes related to alcohol use involve teens Over half (60%) of teens who die in car accidents are related to alcohol use A teenage boy with a BAC of just .05 (most states allow .08) is eighteen times more likely to have an accident than a teen that hasnt been drinkinga teenage girl is fifty-four percent more likely to have an accident! For more information on teenage drunk driving statistics and other problems related to drinking and driving see our website at Legal-Yogi Accidents and Teenage Drinking There are alarming statistics on drinking and driving in general, but teenage drunk driving accidents are even more alarming. Why is drinking and driving more dangerous for teenagers? There are a couple of main reasons: 1-teenagers cannot hold their alcohol as well as adults and 2-teeenagers do not have the same amount of driving experience adults do. Another problem to keep in mind is teenagers often think they are immune to things that affect adults and are prone to take chances. They dont want to accept they are not in any condition to drive, especially if they happen to be in the company of their friends. They want to be able to say, Im perfectly capable of driving. I didnt have that much to drink. The problem is these comments are the very ones that were probably uttered by the teenager who ended up dead or seriously injured in an accident. Hiring a Defense Lawyer If you have been arrested for drinking and driving you will need to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer. While you can certainly attempt to represent yourself, it is in your best interest to have legal representation. Why? When you have someone to intercede with the court on your behalf you have a better chance of receiving a lesser sentence and reduced fine. However, you do want to choose a lawyer who has experience representing clients who are convicted of drunk driving. Before you think of drinking and driving read some teenage drunk driving facts. Teenage drunk driving accidents far exceed those of adults and are usually more serious. The laws on drunk driving are enacted to protect everyone but unfortunately once alcohol comes into the picture people think they are immortal. Once you are arrested drinking and driving you will need to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer if you expect to walk away with the lightest sentence possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: