King 179 national battle is the first service street. quickchm

King 179 "national battle" is the first service game playing street rush, on 179 2050, after the third world war devastated the earth, the resurrection of the undead warlord dictatorship, the awakening of the human can not stand the warlords destroyed, together determined to overthrow the warlords dictatorship, so in this a great in strength and impetus revolution, a new country — the birth of the kingdom of mech! 179 "universal tank war" the first suit hot hit, the new king hegemony mode is open! At this time the world rush continuously, factories everywhere smoke streets, desert, abandoned diffuse! The awakening of the human race, but also not to join the 179 "universal tank war" tank army, in order to freedom and happiness, and strive to war! 179 "all the tank" official website: 179 "all the battle" the street is how little the rush tank tank, 179 tank "tank" all kinds of dazzling, according to the attribute divided into attack type, auxiliary type and control type 3 tanks. Both attack tanks Chinese nuclear submarines, flash, Fuwa, Zhang Fei, Captain America, Princess Iron Fan and other styles, and octopus master, kung fu panda, Sun Wukong, green lantern and other offbeat control tanks, and the chariots, iron man, PA Tmall MD four auxiliary tank. Many tanks with a lot of natural, players according to the battlefield and the opponent’s equipment equipped with tanks. 179 "all the battle" is street rush 179 "national battle" the first service is approaching, in addition to a wonderful tank every day events, King mode is the most agonistic. Game player reaches level 16 you can find the king hegemony mode in the game hall page, each game player can challenge 5 times a day, both success and failure have a chance to get props reward, the top 10 game player will get unique medal of honor. And in the daily 6:00-11:59, 12:00-17:59, 18:00-23:59 these three periods according to their ranking can also receive 3 awards, reward a lot of 10 million can not miss! 179 "all the battle" is the street as a rush with rich PVE and PVP play multiplayer online casual games, the 179 "national camp battle" war can make you all day to experience the thrill of battle. Camp battle is one of the new opening of the tank alliance play, players need to choose from the Jupiter and Mars in the camp, the camp in the fight against the enemy players and occupy the stronghold can get points. Camp after the end of the war will be based on the points of each person to return to the lucky stone, gold coins, experience, winning the award doubled. Camp during the war, the player camp can be replaced, the weak camp to replace the strong camp needs to spend 50000 gold coins, strong camp for the weak camp can get $20000. 179 "all the battle" is the enemy in retreat during the rush street, sent a large number of people around the world to catch the scientists, they want the scientists to design a "death fortress" for them, and this can be the key fortress.相关的主题文章: