I visited the magical animal set found……-remonstrate

I visited the "magical animal" set found…… November 25th, "where is the magical animal" in the mainland, the magic world will open the door again. In January this year to London, there is a letter received owl, aboard the Hogwarts Express feeling. Because I want to go to the "magical animal where" the studio visit! This is a Muggle, really rare, a dream come true moment. So in the foggy, cold and wet winter morning in London, and I come from all over the world of Harry Potter fans together, sitting on a trip to the studio Warner train (actually bus.). The front row of a sister greeted me warmly, she said her name is Kate, from the United Kingdom, is the correspondent of Pottermore. What? This is the wizarding world ‘s Web base". Originally, Kate every month to see the studio, but she also worked as a swarm, seen in the studio Addie Reid, Colin Farrell, maine. She told me: "they’re both professional and super nice." Set in a corner 20 minutes later, we arrived in New York in 1926. It is Fitzgerald’s "Jazz Age", a post-war United States ushered in unprecedented prosperity; and in the wizarding world, Dumbledore was at Hogwarts transfiguration teachers, Dark Wizard G Lindval is still raging in Europe, while Lord Voldemort was born this year, Newt Oscar Mander was carrying a suitcase full of magical animal, come to this uncharted continent, start a new journey. In 20s the United States, witches and the chicken (American name "Muggle") are not in contact with the wizard, living in the shadows; and we visited the studio, also signed the agreement, told for a long time can not play in the film, pretending nothing had happened — let us with the wizard and a layer of intimacy. On 20s New York residential reduction from eight aspects of the "Harry Potter" art director Stewart – Craig Stuart Craig to create the location, took 17 weeks to complete. It covers an area of more than 40 thousand square meters of the "New York" actually contains the lower east side of Manhattan, Tribeca, diamond district, see Broolyn brown stone. The cobblestone path at the foot looked hard, but it was soft and elastic until it stepped on it. Rivington street is a retro style shops, the corner can also see the subway entrance; the ground there are white smoke exhaust, roadside can see dirty snow. January London is really cold wet the entire lunar tide, set the most warm place is actually the trailer mobile toilets…… The Warner Brothers Studio in London (originally "Harry Potter" film series) next, was opened up as a "magical animal where" the studio I touched in every star wand, you can cast a spell in "freckles" Addie Reid Mayne’s wand under the guidance of tutor, and even got the license wand card, have their own wand; the protagonists in the daily walk across the street shopping for a time, in the warm (not) restaurant to escape the cold outdoors, also sits on the city scenery enjoy the vintage car. And set a).相关的主题文章: