Hubei consumer complaints in the three quarter education and training most prominent

Hubei consumer complaints three quarter: the most outstanding education and training in Hubei province yesterday released the third quarter consumer complaints, complaints of education and training services in the first row, an increase of 95.65%, the largest increase in all categories of complaints. In August 4th, Ms. Yichang had complained to the local business sector said that in September 2014 a tutoring center for child English classes, to pay 9700 yuan, including 25 hours of "one to one" counseling; in September last year and then pay 17500 yuan, 23 hours. But the child on the nearly two years of training, English achievement did not progress, and the original counseling agency personnel commitment will certainly improve. Charges so expensive but did not achieve the effect, Ms. Zeng asked the agency to refund the total cost of more than 2 yuan. According to the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau statistics, the third quarter of the province received a total of complaints involving education and training of the 405, the largest increase in the volume of complaints, reaching 95.65%. Mainly involves 4 types of problems: training can not meet the requirements of the effect of the withdrawal of the training institutions without qualification, no light or over the scope of the operation; do academics suspected of false propaganda; do academics closed without reason. Because consumers did not sign a training contract with the school, the teaching effect is not easy to determine the evaluation criteria, resulting in disputes. To remind the business sector, the choice of educational training institutions to pay attention to the following 4 points: first, to see whether there is a school license issued by the Department of education, two training institutions will promise into a written contract, three to obtain and keep the invoice receipt and training agreement, should pay attention to class try to sign four contract.相关的主题文章: