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Positive-Attitude Do you find yourself often thinking about negative things? Well stop that today by thinking yourself fit, it is much more good for you then you would first think! What are the benefits of thinking positive? Cope better People who have a positive mind have better coping skills meaning they can deal with stressful situations more effectively than a pessimist. If a positive thinker experiences feelings of disappointment, they are able to shrug it off and see the bright side of it by turning it into something positive. If a pessimist experiences this, they may let it consume them and their thoughts. Stronger immune system Being optimistic can make your immune system stronger. Research suggests that those who think positive have positive effects on their bodies too. Attitudes have a powerful influence over how your body reacts and if you have an upbeat attitude your immune system is more responsive. Thinking fit and positively also has a good effect on your overall health and well-being. Research has shown that if you are optimistic your chance of cardiovascular problems is reduced and your life span increased. So how can you think more positively? Avoid negative thoughts Yes this is obvious but a lot of people dont even realise they are thinking pessimistically. If you mentally tell yourself negative things that this will alter your attitude entirely. Start to really think about what you are telling yourself in your mind, then force yourself to stop thinking those negative thoughts and turn them around into something positive! Laugh and smile Laughing and smiling really is the best medicine. Being surrounded by great people that make you smile can help you have a more positive outlook on life. If youre facing a tough situation or difficult challenge, laugh a little. This will help you lighten up by removing a bit of the stress and helping you to view your outlook positively. Set yourself goals Challenge yourself at work, school or in every day life by setting yourself realistic goals. This way, when you achieve them, you will feel really good for it and it will have a positive effect on your mind by making you more confident and hardworking. Meditate Yoga and other relaxation techniques can help put your mind at ease. Winding down can help you loosen up and then help you turn your experiences into something positive. You will look at things with a clearer mind and see the bigger picture resulting in a more optimistic outlook. About the Author: Janice Haddon has over 25 years of experience in HR consultancy and management. She works as an executive life coach in UK, and specialises in developing strategies to reduce stress, gain positive mind, develop leadership skills and delivers transformational management programs. Article Published On: – Positive-Attitude By: Milan Wrigley – Choosing an suitable Leak Barrier and installing it correctly is an essential stage in every Roof System. Asphalt shingles are cost-effective and pretty simple to install and repair. The initial one i … By: Pat Headley – Coachability is the willingness to learn. Whether you are in the professional arena or the sporting field, you can only advance in your field if you are able to continually learn. In the context of pe … By: Long Time Ago – Finding a job is not easy for a normal person, and on top of that, if you have a past conviction on your record, then things get even tougher. By: Rhed Mars – Marketing is a vital aspect in terms of popularising products or services of a particular brand is involved. It is only through this process which the people can be done aware of what I being launched … By: Rhed Mars – If you aren’t using online marketing, you must really start it as soon as it can be. The Internet marketing around the world the years has grown to be really complex, and that’s why you’ll run into ma … By: Vincent Mebane – I don’t have space here to go into the specific types of exercises, but I can give you a formula that has brought unbelievable success to those who followed it. You can find some fantastic stretches t … By: Alissa Curley – If you’re a tennis player, you can lower your risk by doing tennis elbow exercises and taking a few precautions. It is most critical to control irritation in the acute phase. These work by reducing th … By: Bessie Wyselaskie By: Santos Salcido By: Davida Langler – The EVC work closely with your own veterinarian to coordinate care and supply for continuity of the care in your pet’s illness and recovery. Even if the breeder or friend insists that they have found … 相关的主题文章: