How To Start Your Own 18 Inch Doll

UnCategorized Most girls who outgrow playing with dolls feel a little loss. While little girls can’t wait to grow up, giving up some of those childhood hobbies can be a bit sad. Collecting dolls allows a way to reconnect with childhood, as an adult. 18 inch dolls are a very popular size to collect. They are perfect for the beginning collector, but sophisticated enough for serious doll hobbyists. An 18 inch doll is categorized by size. All the dolls in this collecting genre are exactly 18 inches tall. Most are hard bodied and are child like dolls, though there are a few that are baby dolls. The most .monly recognizable 18 inch doll is made by the American Girl .pany. These dolls are often designed around a historic period and .e with books, full wardrobes and plenty of accessories. They can even be made to look like your favorite child. While this .pany is the most well known, there are dozens of other 18 inch dolls on the market, much of which are less expensive. These are better for a beginning or young collector. Clothing is also generally sold with each doll collection. There are several things that draw collectors to 18 inch dolls. One is the sheer amount of clothing and accessories on the market. Most 18 inch dolls are .patible between brands, so you can buy clothing from any line and it should fit on another doll. This makes it extremely easy to customize your collection. Besides the .mercially available clothing and accessories, there are also plenty of boutique designers that specialize in 18 inch dolls. There are even dozens of patterns and books on the market if you are interested in making your own clothing and accessories. In addition, for a truly customized doll, you can actually buy a 18 inch doll kit and build her from scratch. Collectors each have their own unique way to organizing their dolls. Some focus on historical clothing, researching the time periods which their dolls represent. Other people are more interested in the style of the clothing and accessories. Many people like to recreate a .plete scene in their doll’s display. There are also several characters that are available in the 18 inch format, including literary stars like Madeline, Fancy Nancy and Raggedy Ann. These are generally soft bodied dolls. The quality of different dolls vary greatly. You can often tell what to expect by paying attention to price and warranty. More expensive dolls such as American Girl sell for around a hundred dollars, while department store dolls are generally under $20. Starting with a cheaper doll is nothing to be worried about, however. You can begin on the cheap and build your collection as you get more familiar with the market and quality that is available. It’s also easy to buy a cheaper doll and splurge on nicer clothes. You’ll eventually get a feel for what makes you the happiest. Collecting dolls is an age old hobby. 18 inch dolls provide an easy and enjoyable way to get into doll collecting. Do your research before making your first purchase. However, ultimately, doll collecting is about what makes you smile, so there’s really no wrong way to go about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: