How To Reduce Your Energy

Home-and-Family In most households, the electricity bills make up the largest portion of the monthly bills. And with the rising cost of power, these bills will only increase with time. .pound this with the fact that most traditional means of power – coal, gas, oil – have a terrible effect on the environment, you can realize why its so important to try and reduce your energy consumption and your monthly power bills. The first and the easiset thing you can do is talk to your family members (or roommates, significant other) about the importance of saving electricity. Simple things like switching off the bedroom lights when not in use, keeping the .puter in ‘hibernate’ mode when you’re not using it can go a long way in reducing your power bills (as well as your carbon footprint). There is a growing trend to install large, airy windows and skylights in most homes. These will not only drown your home in spectacular and warm sunshine (thus reducing your heating bills in the winter months), but will provide a great quantity of natural light which will make your electric lights redundant in the mornings and the afternoons. Natural light can also have a wonderful effect on your mood – we all know that feeling of walking into a open, airy, sun lit room. You should also replace all the incandescent bulbs in your home with .pact fluorescent lights (or CFL bulbs). These consume quite a bit less electricity than their incandescent counterparts while giving off more light. Also consider installing a ceiling fan in your home, which can help cutting down on air conditioning costs in summer months. You should also wash your clothes only when you have enough dirty laundry to fill the washing machine entirely. The washing machine and dryer .bo consumes a enormous amount of electricity. Try hang drying your clothes. It’ll not only save electricity, but also give you softer clothes that don’t lose their color so easily. A few other minor steps that can go a long way in cutting down on your electricity consumption include switching off your .puter monitor when not in use, switching off the air-conditioner when you’re not at home, installing devices such as solar water heaters to reduce your dependancy on electricity, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: