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Internet-and-Business-Online We all know that kingdoms, companies, giant firms come and goes with timely manners. Every big company or kingdoms has their own time or rising and then they fall down. Well, this rule applies to American print news industry too. Lets take look on recent history, if we take closer look in recent time, we will find that these days print news industry falling faster than congressmans approval rating. And as above rule apply, if anything fall – then there is always something rising to take its place. I.e. Huffington Post. Without providing a complete and exhaustive history of newspaper industry here, it is necessary to understands what HuffingtonPost and its team are doing right to grab more audiences. Even though the collapse of traditional print paper has opened the way for newcomers like HuffingtonPost, Politico, these online news media has been successful in achieving new audiences, and presenting themselves as not only news media source but online yet powerful platform for wide range of discussion and information. How can you take your blog on such popular level? I do not want to make this as creative writing lecture. Your blogs popularity is depended on how you are going to represent yourself to your readers. The tone you will set for your blog will go far when determining what kind of audience latches on it. Your job is to represent your side on respective topic with help of every available source. Most of the blog websites start off as a one man hand operation, and most of them stay that way only. However, as your writing become mature enough and your blog starts getting popularity online, most of your time will spend in answering your readers comments, emails and off course planning for future post. This time you may need to hire another blog writer or someone as a guest post. Many successful blogs are being one man-shows. That’s OK. All blogs need to start somewhere first. Right now, set the solo concept beside for a second and consider an alternative one. In terms of creating content for mass group, while setting your position, lets have a look on one of mega Blog to understand how they doing it. Spread the Ideas Here’s where we get to the source code of the Huff Posts operation. Seriously they are a blogging machine. Have a research every day on Wikipedia for five minute. That will expose knowledge on any topic you might thinking to write. Have a look on this: The Huffington-Post has 3,000 and plus bloggers from politicians and celebrities to academics and policy experts who contribute in real time on a wide area of topics. 3000 Bloggers! Wow, this site would not be what it is right today if Adriana Huffington was the only sole developed entire content. Of course she is the one who built it up to a certain level, but she’s been able to turn it into the giant house of the news for their audiences. Just because of Leverage only. How to achieve this? It is not only enough to observe what others are doing but we would need a systematic approach to get things work for you. Assuming you have the extra money to invest, paying one of these figures anywhere from $50 to $5,000 might be what you need to take the next level. Athletes players like Curt Schilling and Curtis Granderson are active writers and maintain their own blogs for their followers. Paying a millionaire $500 bucks for writing a blog post is not what attracts them, the opportunity for increased exposure is the key here. If you couldnt find any celebrity’s personal blog or get in contact with their representative, contact agencies like the Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB) and I assure you here you’ll be able to find the right avenue. Be creative Follow the ideas I explored here. Use some creativity whenever you are creating your approach for your audiences. If you want to hire a celebrity for guest post, then go ahead and speak with agency, offer them that you are ready to pay a slightly lower rate if they’ll record a video message instead of a physical speaking appearance. Dare to bargain on price and get them on your blog. Its your idea so run it. There is no rocket science in blogging industry to succeed. There are few proven ways and Huffington-Post is not the only site I will suggest you to observe, Google it and you will find many more, you will surprise with once you start analyzing it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: