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E.merce Suppose, you work for a .pany and have unmonitored internet access, then you can be barred from accessing definite internet addresses, such as those of the usually used social networking sites. Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube are the more .mon sites that employees tend to visit in .pany time. Your employer can stop this by preventing your .puter from accessing the internet (IP) addresses of these sites. If you have internet access at school, college or university, you will be even less managed than at work, and few students have not tried to use school or college .puters to access social networking sites. There again, the relevant IP addresses have a block or filter placed on them which only a proxy bypass can avoid. A block generally refers to a blanket bar placed on the entire network accessing specific addresses, while filters permit access to individual terminals, the users of which might have a rightful use for them. Most sites are filtered while a few can be blocked, and a Facebook proxy might be needed by a student, for example, but not a faculty member. The target websites themselves can place blocks on individual IP addresses, and if Friendster or Facebook has banned you and your internet address for some reason, then you can’t even re-register using a different name and email address unless you get a new internet connection with a different IP address. Facebook proxy bypass servers can enable you to re-register without changing your IP address. You can also access your home page using your regular login details. What is facebook proxy server? First off, a definition: a proxy server is a website that lets you "cloak" or hide your Internet activity. In this case you are hiding the fact that you are going to facebook by using a proxy server. Generally, proxy servers are third party websites that offers you the service of acting as a go between so you can circumvent any site block or ban from a monitoring package, firewall or other privacy or security system. You go to the proxy’s homepage, and from there you enter the site you want to visit, whether it be Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, or an Arcade site, and that website actually retrieves the page you want to visit on your behalf. Assume PC1 (The name of .puter) .puter connects to website W1 (The name of the Website), then the IP address of both PC1 and W1 are known to each other. All it takes to sever that connection is for either to block the other. On the other hand, if PC1 connects to site W2, and W2 connects to W1, neither PC1 nor W1 sees each other – they both see only IP address W2. That means between PC1 and W1 there is a middle man who connects each other without their real IP. Therefore, a block or filter against W1 will not be triggered by the address of W2, to which you are connected. Neither will any block place by W1 on PC1 be triggered, because as far as W1 is concerned it is connected to W2 and not PC1. The term ‘proxy bypass’ is therefore a bit of a misnomer because it is more of a proxy ‘router’; many different .puters can be rerouted by a central connection to a number of social websites (or any type of website in fact). Facebook proxy server or proxied blocked uses these rule to retrieve your site. And thats way you are able to see the page that you want. Proxy bypass sites don’t last forever. Once they have been detected and also blocked, you have to find another. However they can last for a long time, and new Facebook proxies are .ing online as fast as they are being blocked. For that reason you should find a site that offers you a number of alternatives Now .e the question of why a proxy server works for a while, and then rapidly stops working and goes into the banned or blocked list. Well, it turns out that while your .work admin might not look like the smartest guy in the world, but he CAN see a list of every site every student visits. It is very simple for him to check the list and find popular sites that he’s never heard of or seen! So next time you have difficulty accessing a specific website, whether it is Facebook, YouTube or anything else a proxy can help you. Bear in mind that they are rarely specific, and take the form of an address bar into which you enter the inter. address of the site you want to access. In the case of a Facebook proxy bypass server you enter the Facebook address, but it usually also works with any other website address. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: