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Business Only recently many people had dismissed Israel as an unfit tourist destination spot and rightly so because the media had painted a picture of conflict and unrest which effectively deterred even the most zealous of travelers from setting foot on this land. Truth be told, this is a country much like lots of others where upheavals occur from time to time. However, over the past few years Israel has enjoyed calmness thus making it ideal for tourism. There are two main ways of touring Israel i.e. traveling in groups, and privately with or without a tour guide. Finding a private tour guide in Israel is regarded as the best option as this affords you a personalized sightseeing of the country. Many people dislike traveling in large groups as this turns out to be much like a class trip where students scramble for the guide’s attention. Again, traveling on your own in an unknown land presents challenges such as getting lost, venturing into dangerous areas, and possible vehicle problems, and all these can really dent your goal of having the best touring experience. Considering all these, why not get a private tour guide in Israel who will guide you into the best places to visit and who will oblige to wherever and whenever you want to visit certain attractions? You can be sure that you can find an English speaking guide who is well informed about all the tourist attractions and knows all the best routes and shortcuts to get there. The benefits that .e with this service include pick-ups and drop-offs starting at the airport, and then your apartment or hotel. These private tour guides have invested in the most appropriate vehicles to get you around and about the enticing land of Israel. The guides are also known to be friendly and fun to travel with; their .pany is enjoyed by all including children. You can leave it up to them to guide you to the most interesting sites and they can also fit into your traveling plan which will ensure that you can fully exploit all the areas you are interested in. All in all, you remain in charge of the whole tour. Having a private tour guide in Israel will give you the opportunity to be in the presence of local Israelis and their culture. The guides also know the best shopping spots where you can buy authentic and quality souvenirs, and they can also guide you to the best eating spots where you can enjoy dishes prepared according to Kosher guidelines. The pleasurable vacation experiences made possible by these tour guides is one of the reasons why some travelers be.e return tourists. Every private tour guide in Israel is required by law to be licensed and certified; always check for this and ensure that you also get one who is insured. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: