Guy will 20cm data cable into the urethra, said the video to seek excitement (video)

The guy will 20cm data line into the urethra said watching video data line will seek to stimulate small unexpectedly into the urethra so bad imitation is such a young man, watching a video on the Internet, even imitate the inside of the action, the wire inserted into his urethra, turned himself into the operation room. Doctors said the operation of the whole process for more than an hour, as the patient is so complex, is still relatively rare. The three section mobile phone data cable, you can imagine, it is taken from a guy in the urethra? Well, this nearly twenty cm long data line, how to do in this guy, guy answered a little surprise. The doctor said, the guy is drunk, according to online video, will be charged on the inside of the line, he describes the charging line is about twenty cm. After watching the guy’s case, the doctor immediately to the guy surgery, but this surgery is not small. The doctor told reporters, these crooked place, are in the urethra inside the discount open the urethra, found that this knot, consider the patient’s own knot. Consider the feelings of the guy, we did not bother him. The doctor reminded that the network video, do not understand the situation, do not imitate at will. After the patient is also very regret to wake up, the male urethra is slender, narrow, foreign body into the body will lead to mucosal damage, online video suggest that we do not follow suit, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to themselves.相关的主题文章: