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Grandpa property bequeathed grandson trouble expert: 3 – generation legacy to Beijing reporter Geng Nuo practice about "they separated children pain, Grandpa will be good stuff to grandson, is It is quite common for a thing. Just recently, the son of Mr. Zhao Zhao people want to inherit grandfather’s property, but found that the "practice" in the face of modern legal pofeizhouzhe. Oral wills not inherited condition of the now 27 year old Zhao long playing children in Grandpa’s knee, is the grandson of Zhao father favorite. In February this year, seeing the small Zhao found the target for marriage, Zhao father happy to say, to put his name in a real estate transfer to Zhao as a wedding gift. This voice is not born, but the elderly because of sudden cerebral hemorrhage died, Zhao also postponed the wedding. Just this month, Xiao Zhao and his fiancee intend to re engage in the preparation of the wedding, and his grandfather’s house to his name. But he went to find a real estate registration hall but found that the property is difficult to inherit grandfather. To transfer directly to me, the need for a written will. But we don’t have a written will." Xiao Zhao is very worried. For this, Zhao and his fiancee Huang had been around for 3 weeks. A few days ago, she also found a "Testament", thought to see a glimmer of hope. But let them not think of is, because of the "oral wills" that is too difficult, plus the "Inheritance Law" provisions of oral wills is itself in case of emergency legislation is effective, the heirs can not as a witness and other factors, "oral wills" can not become small Zhao inheritance grandpa real estate conditions. They not heir until now only think of a transfer, because grandpa left us no mood to do this thing; two is because of news that after the inheritance of property without the notary, save money." Xiao Zhao said. In the past, the estate is going to go through a very troublesome notary procedures. In July this year, the Ministry of Justice issued "on the abolition of the" judicial department of the Ministry of construction on the property registration and management, strengthening notary union notice "notice", according to the implementation of the January 1, 2016 "Provisional Regulations on real estate registration implementation rules", "because of the inheritance, bequest made of real estate, the parties shall submit the application for the registration of the death all the evidence, wills or legal heirs on the real estate distribution protocol and the decedent related materials, can also submit notarized materials or legal instruments in force." Such a look, to bypass the notary, the process is really simple. But the biggest problem to inherit the estate, but elsewhere. But Zhao had to resort to a lawyer now as students, did not expect the students to give his answer let him surprise — Zhao not heir. My grandfather left his house, even left a written text, can only be considered "legacy". Sure enough, in the inheritance law, agreed that the inheritance in accordance with the order of succession, the first order, including spouses, children and parents, the second order, including brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandparents. Which does not involve the grandchildren. "That is to say, the house of my grandmother, my father, aunt, I too.相关的主题文章: