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Graduate students for car theft – self tinfoil unlock Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lin Jing) to buy a car, Diao graduated students online self-learning "tinfoil unlock, pull to Beijing townee partnership more burglary, the Haidian police recently cracked a series of burglaries, Diao and fellow Lee has been arrested for theft criminal detention. The victim Mr. Wang in October 26th after work and found the home of suspected theft. "Come back when the door is locked, can be on the table in the living room 3000 yuan in cash and a $59 thousand diamond ring was missing!" Haidian branch, police station after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene and found the suspect through technical means to enter the home in the lock. Because of a large amount of money involved, the police station immediately reported to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment and set up a joint task force. Investigators rushed to the area of case retrieval of surveillance video nearby, found a more than and 30 year old man is very suspicious. The second day at noon, police also received a report, another victim Ms. Gao home stolen 5500 yuan. Investigators found that the suspect is also a means of technical means of burglary burglary, and surveillance video shows two suspicious men, there is a very similar to the previous theft suspects. Ad hoc group and case investigation, two consecutive days to track the suspect’s trail, found the suspect that day by train from beijing. In the Beijing railway police cooperation, the investigators identified two suspects are Diao and lee. In November 2nd 8, the panel found the suspect Diao from his home in Fengtai District on the same day in Beijing, a Fasthotel gate. The investigators Dunshou after 8 hours in the hotel captured and seized a Diao, a set of techniques and tools for unlocking the stolen money 65 thousand yuan from the room. Diao admitted on the spot that theft, did not expect so soon to be arrested. 3 days later the panel informed Lee 5 will arrive at Beijing South Railway Station, rushed to the squat after 12 hours at the exit out of the arrested Lee, Lee also pleaded guilty on the spot. Originally, Diao graduated from a university to start their own business, a start is to make money, but the investment project soon good times don’t last long, put their own funds are lost inside. Can the family and two young children, but also to buy a car, Diao decided to rush into danger, make money through illegal means. In October this year, he in the online self-learning tinfoil unlock "technology", and purchased a set of tools for unlocking. In October 21st, he came to Beijing burglary, first select some simple and weak security lock property of old residential areas, the day before the victim was not at home to work through the theft of tinfoil unlock. Then, to facilitate the crime, Diao in the understanding of the Internet to persuade fellow Lee steal partnership. Lee huge debts, immediately agreed. They come in October 28th to the victim Ms. Gao Diao home, responsible for unlock burglary, Lee is responsible for the lookout at the door. Diao then, Lee to 1000 yuan. Investigators according to the two men confessed, has broken a total of two people a week in Haidian District, Chaoyang District, Fengtai District and other places burglary from 5. Currently, the case is still under further review. J151相关的主题文章: