Go to Xujiahui, looking for the old house – the shade under the Sohu of Tourism rosstallanma

Go to Xujiahui, looking for the old house – the shade under the tourism Sohu mentioned in Shanghai, Shanghai, scene of debauchery. Whether the crowds of Nanjing Road, the Bund night bright, or young artists love shopping in Tianzifang, at the end of an unknown corner of the old alley, are attractive. This city of Shanghai, together with the modern city of neon, and high-rise buildings in case contains a persistent vicissitudes of life. It is as stubborn as the old house to listen to the old record of those who feel that the electronic music does not taste the same, change, will not change. If you add Yu Garden, Jingan Temple, such as the old Chinese style buildings, will be more than a scenic spot in the capsule, Shanghai can be regarded as a standard swim. I believe you check Raiders, or with a group, generally can feel one or two. This time, the small front for everyone to bring a very different depth of experience in Shanghai trip – Xujiahui. Shanghai will be the old houses around ~ do not take any means of transport on Xujiahui, Shanghai’s most worth visiting those hiding in the shade of the path between the old house shopping enough. That which you for having heard it many times Wukang building, also you don’t name it has been nearly a hundred years of small villa. Petty cafes, European style bar, only two tables hidden in the depths of the old house restaurant… Go to Xujiahui, feel the vicissitudes of old Shanghai style elementary transformation. Shanghai on foot, choose Xujiahui absolutely wrong. Here, a large number of different ages, different styles of buildings next to each other. Walk among them, feel the vicissitudes of life in Shanghai, I can better understand the history and contemporary Shanghai. The first station on foot. – says Park Xujiahui in the fall The sky is clear and bright. air is very good. Says Park bathed in the dawn, near the people in the park, Tai sing old songs, make people feel warm. Enter the park and you can see a stone arch, the arch is lined with a sculpture trail, is located at the end of the tomb of Xu Guangqi. It is surprising that the tombstone actually exists in the form of a cross. KPS park has an old house called "Nan Huatang", has 500 years of history, which is now the Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall. The court room boasts a statue of Xu Guangqi. But what is interesting is that the house is actually a "foreign household", in 2005 moved to here with Xu Guangqi as partners. Old house eaves tells the years. Starting from Nandan Road, today’s sun is really good. The morning sun just fell through the trees, a wild profusion of vegetation on the road, made countless beautiful spot. Through a corner wending Road, arrived at Puhuitang road Tushanwan museum. Second – foot station. Tushanwan Museum named Tushanwan also had a story. 1832 to 1837 years, Jiangsu governor Lin Zexu led the people to clear the Puhuitang River, accumulated a lot of sludge, thus forming a "tushanwan". For this story, Xiao Feng just want to say that the name is good………… Will do". As for the Tushanwan culture, is only open 1864.相关的主题文章: