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Web-Design Gauging the Cost of Web Design Prices and options vary in every web design . The cost depends on how you visualize your website and range from very simple, do-it-yourself websites with limited options to full e-commerce powered, professional websites that include shopping carts, streaming videos and more. Of course, the right choice would be fully dependent on the type of business you run. If your have a very low budget you could purchase or download a web design theme or software package. A few examples of do-it-yourself web designs are Google Page Creator, Mozilla SeaMonkey, and Microsoft LiveOffice, which can be downloaded for free. The end results though are plain, with pretty basic information like store location and hours. Free software usually provides a template that lets you change the color and choose the layout. One disadvantage is, you cant use your creative eye for making your design more appealing. This option fits small businesses that are looking for cost-effective ways to build their websites. A different approach is using WordPress web design . WordPress is a blogging website that allows you to easily and frequently update your contents. With WordPress, the blog set up is straightforward and simple. Users can get it for free, and can take advantage of its themes and layouts. Small businesses can find this very useful; however, they should consider increasing the bar for web design budget as their business grows. You may need to hire a website developer. This is commonly offered by internet firms that offer affordable web design for small businesses by customizing existing templates, a major plus for this method of this is having the hard work done by experts. This option is perfect for those who lack the time and skills needed to set up a website and the budget. If you want to have a complete custom design, then you might want to spend a little more to get qualified web designers. With this cost, your website will have additional custom graphics, navigation buttons, and a logo. This is suitable for service-oriented businesses or those who only sell a small number of products. A professional and original design is always appropriate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: