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Outdoors Traveling will be enriched more when you get several information and numerous interesting stories about the place. It is always better to get as much information as you can. The city of joy Calcutta possesses a very high cultural background and glorious past. We can go back to the 3rd century B.C. the city has a very rich heritage as various rulers like Maurya, Palas, ruled the state of Bengal. Even Muslims and the British also ruled the state vigorously making it culturally very rich. This is the motherland of numerous philosophers, scientists, patriots and many more. Not only that but the city has an extreme importance in the freedom movement of the country called India. Before stepping into the city, you need to gather all such information through the best tour guide in Calcutta. To acquire the intense flavour of travel vacations in Calcutta you need to know the very important facts of this city. After gathering all such significant facts you can get the actual taste of Calcutta travel and tourism. Even if anybody were simply interested in the adventure tour guide Calcutta, then it would be great if the person possesses all such details about the geographical location and simultaneously some other specifications of the city. A tourist should know the basic characteristics of a city where the person is going to spend sometime. This is the proper way of exploring any city, which is the actual motto behind any traveling. Human beings love to explore the unknown. A tour to the city can never be completed without the special Bengali cuisine like Bhaat and Machher jol. Even your tour will be incomplete without tasting Bengali sweets as well. Bengali Renaissance is the key factor of the rebirth of Indian culture and Calcutta is the most important center of the entire factors. The city of joy really added an extra feather in the evolution of Indian history as far as the Bengal is concerned. A tourist can be mesmerized with such a beautiful landscape of the city. From the wonderful sunshine from the river Hooghly to the nostalgic architectural existence, one can enjoy each and everything in this city. Calcutta is the central city of the state. This is the platform of Birla Planetorium, Fort William, and botanical Garden. A tourist can enjoy various gardens at the heart of the city like Zoological garden and Eden gardens. Calcutta is the place where India has its greatest museum and the oldest university. This is really a matter of pride for all the Calcuttans. Even people with various regions can have their respectable places like Nakhoda Mosque for Muslims, St. Pauls Cathedral Church for Christians and the famous Kali Mandir at Kalighat for the Hindus. Tourists can enjoy a number of other places surrounding the city of Calcutta. The Bay of Bengal is just a few miles away from the city. One can really enjoy the beautiful beaches at different places just beside the sea. The gorgeous landscape of the beach with its sparkling sand definitely attracts many people and can give the ultimate opportunity to escape from the humdrum routine life. Sundarban is located just a few hours distance from the city. This can be a real adventurous vacation a person can ever have in the entire life. Sundarban can mesmerize you with all its unique flora and fauna. The wild life of this place can really fascinate you with the dangerous beauty of this sanctuary. It is declared as the heritage sanctuary just because of its unique beauty and pleasant existence. Winter is the best season to travel this place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: