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Food-and-Drink As everyone is tightening their belts during the economic downturn, perhaps it’s wise to look at different ways to save money. When you really sit down to think, you quickly realize that there are many ways you can save money. You can save money on traveling, on clothes, on groceries, etc. Make a list of all your expenses for each month. Which are the items that are necessary, and which are not? Obviously, those items that you don’t really need (well, you think you do, but you actually don’t) should be struck off your list first. Just stop spending on those items, and you will immediately see huge savings. Items like clothes, jewelry, accessories, electronic items, etc. Just put them in a separate list. You can always buy them later. Then there are those items that you simply cannot do without. These are essential items that you need for daily living. For instance, even though it’s the economic crisis, you still need to eat. If you refer to your expense list again, you will most likely be surprised at the amount of money that you spend each month on food alone. Imagine taking out your whole family for dinner. How much would that cost you? Well, that depends on where you dine right? If you dine at a fancy restaurant, you will most likely be out of several hundred bucks when the evening is over. Alternatively, you can eat at a small local dining restaurant. More down to earth and practical, but not as posh. But you do enjoy quite a bit of savings. If you still want to save more money, how about cooking at home? Retailers are always conducting ongoing promotions to encourage sales. Just take a look at some of the freebies websites that have sprung up lately. Do you think they are really 100% freebies? My friend, there are no free lunches in this world. Yes, you do get free vouchers for groceries, or even free dining vouchers. But that is just part of parcel of marketing. You will get the vouchers, but the restaurants and the retailers are hoping that you return and do more business with them. Sometimes, these free vouchers are sponsored by large corporations like banks or giant retailers. You get to receive sponsored items like free food vouchers for participating in a consumer survey or signing up for a trial offer. Of course, there is no obligation to buy anything. If it’s a trial offer, you can always cancel the order before the trial is over, and your credit card will not be charged again. There are tons of similar offers on the Inter.. They range from lobster gift cards to ordinary restaurant gift cards. Surely, the food freebies will help you save a huge chunk of money! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: