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Female owner usury is also one of the housing two sell   get 790 thousand family run away — real estate — people.com.cn original title: female owner usury is also one of the housing two sell swindled 790 thousand family run away to buy a house this is a happy thing, but who lives in Nanjing District of Lishui Chen people but how also not happy. He is ready to spend 790 thousand yuan to buy into their dressing rooms in moving things, even when the thief was out. Once again, the original owner of the house has been due to the debt of the house has been sold to others, and now sell him again, a room two sell. Chen is even more depressing is that Liu in order to avoid repayment, even with money on foot. Lishui police through unremitting efforts, the morning of October 11th, Liu suspects surrendered to the police. Currently, Liu suspicion of fraud has been under criminal detention according to law. Spend 790 thousand to buy the facade of the room, into the house when the thief was in November 2015, the Lishui people want to buy a facade of the house to do business, just hit his fellow Liu ready to sell the facade of the room. The evening of November 28th, the two sides agreed after consultation, Liu will be located in the town of Qunli Lishui Economic Development Zone, a dual-use commercial and residential facade of the house sold to Mr. Chen with the price of 790 thousand yuan. December 25th, the two sides signed a formal contract for the sale of housing, Chen paid 790 thousand yuan to pay the total of $three, and Liu Mouze will be the key to the facade of the room, building permits, real estate transactions to mr.. See their desire to buy a house, Mr. Chen in the afternoon is ready to be transported with joy, some daily necessities moved first to facade room. But Mr. Chen did not think of is, he just opened the door, it was a strange man stop: "what kind of people you are, why can enter my house?" Obviously he has just bought the facade of the room, how can not even enter the door. Mr. Chen ignored, or ready to go in and see. Unexpectedly, the man shouted: "this dressing room my friend bought it, this is trespassing, thief acts." Two people dispute, because Mr. Chen did not carry the purchase contract and related documents, but also as a thief. In desperation, he hastened to contact Liu inquiry. A suite of two copies of the purchase contract, the original landlord has run away with money "I will sell you a house will not go back, you go back to my message." Liu told Mr. Chen, she has a debt dispute with the man Mr. Rui, but soon will. But wait a few days, Mr. Chen did not wait until the answer. To this end, he took the show to find Mr. Rui, to prove that he is the owner of the dressing room. But Mr. Rui also out of the purchase contract, and said his friend bought this house in September, Mr. Chen in the hands of the keys and documents are Liu to the formalities to go through. Seeing the same suite with two copies of the purchase contract, Mr. Chen think things are strange, again contact liu. Liu had to admit that the house mortgaged to the Mr. Rui’s friend, but she is said to raise money around, will soon get back to the house of Mr. Chen, just need time. However, until April this year, Mr. Chen again because the house and Mr. Rui dispute, two people to contact Liu sometime but found the other phone has been unable to)相关的主题文章: