Explore the protection of industrial heritage Jincheng textile mill turned 1919 Park kamikaze love

Exploration of industrial heritage protection Jinhua textile factory turned 1919 park for Jinhua textile factory site factory gate. Shanxi daily news picture provided by the Jinzhong Municipal Cultural Bureau (reporter Meng Miao) September 21st, reporters from the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Jinhua textile factory site will be transformed into "Jin Hua 1919" Park, which radiate new vigor and vitality, become a new bright spot of city culture. Currently, the project has entered the construction phase, is expected to be operational in May next year. Jinzhong City Industrial Heritage — Jinhua textile factory was founded in 1919, the site is located in Jinzhong city center, Shanxi was the earliest and largest one of the textile enterprises. Jin Hua brilliant industrial history, not only is the determination and efforts to revitalize national industry, modern industrial workers, patriotic patriotic struggle and dedication, pride and pride is also China’s modern textile industry. In 2009, the factory went bankrupt, the lack of necessary maintenance, remains in the Republic of China workshop, warehouse buildings are dilapidated, even on the verge of collapse. Jinzhong municipal government clearly recognized look far ahead from a high plane, the loss of industrial heritage will lead to the city’s cultural heritage fault will bring irreparable damage to the city texture and personality characteristics. In early 2012, is included in the key projects of cultural industries of Jinzhong city site protection and utilization project. Due to the industrial heritage is different from the traditional cultural relics, which covers an area, volume, size, protection and utilization of the huge investment, management and the lack of relevant norms, promote greater difficulty. This year, the State Council issued the "guidance" on Further Strengthening the work of protection of cultural relics, according to the spirit of the document, the Jinzhong municipal government to further clarify the Jinhua textile mill site protection and utilization of the overall thinking and development direction of the project, organize the preparation of the "Shanxi City of Jinzhong Province Jinhua textile factory site of cultural relics protection planning", the direction of guidance to determine the protection and utilization of the site, the site of important repair plan compiling characteristics of building — European Office of the implementation of the workshop, gable masonry, machine equipment and warehouse relocation retained emergency undercover projects, and has achieved initial results. In the project positioning, from domestic and foreign industrial heritage protection and utilization of the advanced experience, to take the heritage protection and cultural and creative industries combined mode, highlighting the characteristics of Chinese culture and history of Shanxi Textile Industry elements, decided to build the "Jin Hua 1919" Park, limited cooperation and Tianjin venture capital asset management, protection and utilization of industrial heritage in Shanxi China Textile Factory site. In April 14th, Jinhua textile factory site funded protection management using cooperation agreement signed, site protection and utilization project started. "Jin Hua 1919" park will use Jinhua textile factory site of cultural buildings and cultural elements, the cultural and creative industries as the starting point, remodeling the old factory city function, create rich spatial experience and unique cultural atmosphere of the city center. The general plan layout mode, one area ", in the original spinning workshop as the foundation, the establishment of Shanxi China and performing arts center; walking landscape corridor series of old and new buildings, the site of South East Jin Hua 1919 memory hall, the eastern side of the new plant of Shanxi China Expo legend long cultural landscape.相关的主题文章: