Environmental scandals abound, regulators do not be silly white sweet tianbi

Environmental regulators don’t be silly scandals emerge in an endless stream, white sweet recently haze raging, and scale to the level of 1200, and was forced to let the plane landed, people of haze and ugliness fatigue pain. Questioning the sources of haze, but also chase out some phenomenon, some local haze rule ineffective, "hidden haze" but the tricks to try to drive — no haze, but thought to be used in monitoring atmospheric atmospheric data on manufacturing false interference. Some to monitor the machine plug cotton, so that the machine can not measure the real data, Shijiazhuang next to the monitoring point to allow security to intercept the truck, so that the section of the atmospheric environment monitoring station environmental monitoring data, look good. Hebei University of Economics and Business school often sprinkler, pavement is often "wet" state. Staff confirmed to reporters, the car is the environmental protection department of the car, because there is an air quality monitoring station in the yard, sprinkler for it. Those who look passable environmental data, so it is spilled, blown out and stopped it, really eye-opening. People often complain about the haze problem, some officials said: in fact, from the data, in recent years the air quality is getting better and better, cure haze made no small achievements, haze declined, the public may also did not feel the feeling with the public, professional data sometimes bias – in a word: We are not treated haze not, but that the public feeling. Obviously the number is getting better and better, how can not feel it? Now it seems that the public is not a problem, but someone deliberately let the air monitoring data out of the question. Interfere with the smell of the atmospheric monitoring points, and then use the smell of the air monitoring data measured to deny the public’s sense of smell and vision. In fact, in the face of interference atmospheric monitoring point of such environmental scandal, do not be surprised, in fact, this is the first time in the air monitoring point can be considered, it should be to prevent corruption. Do not say that some officials can think of this way to deal with the monitoring point, I have never done environmental protection work, think about it can think of this technology is not the way, because the hole is too big. There is such a fantastic wonderful fraud, must condemn counterfeiters, should also be a reflection of environmental monitoring data, fake left too big loophole, even this can easily think of scandal have failed to prevent. Digital image and fraud has become some officials of the habit of thinking, often let the public eye-opening, in the design of the system must be combined with the greatest vigilance to prevent, imagine the worst results. Green performance under not to increase the green grass trees, but in the mountain green paint brush, let a person in the distance looked green; poverty alleviation achievements, do not have the patience to precise poverty, but in the adobe outside erect a wall blocking poverty, called "modesty wall"; some places illegal destruction of farmland repair the road, in order to cope with the higher authorities of the rehabilitation examination, will be covered with soil for soybeans will be able to see the road, dug earth beneath the asphalt road; to create a national health city, erected a "Chuangwei wall in a stinking ditch". A large number of palm trees in the sidewalk planting due to climate discomfort, poor conservation and other factors gradually die, the relevant personnel in the dead tree nailed on the green plastic foliage, a few look from a distance, but walking.相关的主题文章: