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Health Sharing memories with autistic people can enrich your relationship with them. How? There is value in sharing memories with an autistic person. For example: * When you are talking about memories with a person who has autism it brings you and them closer together. * No matter what age or who the individual is with autism, memories make connections of enrichment, because of what has happened. * Memories give force to positive emotions. You can talk about them, remember when "the good old days" were. By talking about them, you will develop laughter, warmth, tears, and you will probably want to keep on talking, and not stop. There are many ways to make memories happen with an autistic person that will enrich your relationship with them. For instance: * Make something happen by initiation. Start some new projects or family gatherings, new activities and make new friends. This will bring enrichment to an autistic person. * Make it happen by setting aside a special time frame. Keep special dates open, to remind yourself, that is the time to make the memories with your autistic individual to enrich the relationship. * Try to plan to make memories for the ones you share and love to be included. Talk about what happened, share stories, photos, humor, show and share souvenirs, and reflect on the good times. * Making memories with your autistic individual reveals you care, and it will give you the opportunity to share the experiences, enrich your life and his or hers with autism. The relationship will be.e stronger. * Take pictures of the events to create memories. Create a slide show, and invite guests to watch and bring some refreshments. You might want to bring or show some souvenirs to add to the conversation that day. By making memories whether it be a child or an adult with autism, helps their emotions, by bringing and showing them the pleasant times that were spent with family and friends. It is an excellent plan to have journal, and keep track of the special events that you have shared or want to share. This will enrich your relationship with the person who has autism. I find one of the most creative ways to make memories with an autistic individual is through pictures, and visual aids. Pictures or photos of special events, family, vacations, and travel, can help the autistic individual learn, relate to the subjects, .municate and understand the variety of what goes on in our world. Making memories will enrich your relationship, develop management skills, improve reading .prehension, have a better understanding of relationships with family, friends, places, past, and create new ideas for the future. One of the things I have learned, to enrich a relationship with a person who has autism, is to use color or texture of certain objects that are related to the memories. For example, souvenirs, large photos, slide shows that you can put together with music, and colorful backgrounds, will make excellent memories. Making memories with individuals with autism, will benefit you and your child, and bring about many positive emotions. It will enrich your relationship. It is wise to be creative to make memories. Remember, to make special times, dates, activities on your calendar, for it to happen. Include your family, friends, neighbors, relatives, other children to participate in the event of making memories. Your relationship with an individual who has autism will be enriched. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: