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  "eleven" golden week   Hebei Zaibao Tourism — tourism channel of National Day holiday, Hebei Province, careful organization and deployment, planning to launch a series of large-scale tourism Huimin activities, focus on the development of tourism market order rectification, the province’s tourism market overall smooth and orderly, the holiday tourism consumption off again. October 1st to 7, the province’s total of 25 million 849 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 18 billion 780 million yuan, up 22.9% and 35.3% respectively over the same period last year, the realization of the "safety, order, quality and efficiency of the" four unified goal. Before the festival, the first meeting of the Hebei provincial tourism industry development conference was held, the main venue in the land – the west of Beijing River hundred leisure resort brand highlights, becoming the biggest highlight of holiday tourism in Hebei. At the same time, the attraction of the new format of the project and to accommodate the role of the holiday season has always led to keep Baoding high. Laishui County town of art Bailixia colorful romantic, visually stunning, wisdom center "panorama of Yesanpo" so that visitors in a short time to enjoy the magnificent scenery of North Taihang, VR experience let people love the excitement of hooked, museum in front of the crowd waiting in line. Laiyuan county at the foot of the hill of white fragrant and colorful flowers, beautiful rural landscape Avenue and different styles to attract a large number of tourists. Yixian County Island health Kang Yang Town beautiful, exquisite tourism environment, the Taihang water town hundreds of snacks throughout the country, traditional folk crafts and tourism demonstration, attracting tourists all over the country stampede in Yishui lake, 3 pm every day due to reach the limit reception stop ticket, Taihang water town once selling snacks the light had to close early in. The Yi River Lake Scenic Area reception number more than two times over the same period last year, the Taihang water town tourists for 6 consecutive days to keep about 30 thousand people. Hebei province’s tourism system to carry out a series of promotional activities, organizing tourism enterprises to focus on Tourism Huimin measures, the introduction of a variety of tourism festival activities, effectively meet the needs of the majority of tourists. Shijiazhuang ancient city of Zhengding held a golden autumn Tourism Cultural Festival, Longxing Temple, Kaiyuan Temple, Tianning Temple, Guanghui temple and other scenic launched preferential ticket, attracted many tourists to sightseeing. Langfang city held the ninth session of Chinese (Langfang) international hot air balloon and the 2016 golden Kite Festival in what, to carry out various forms of theme activities, attracted 410 thousand visitors come to visit. Chengde city continued to launch the fourth Mountain Resort chrysanthemum Festival, Mountain Resort to open 200 thousand piers and 200 kinds of chrysanthemum, for Chinese and foreign tourists have a golden chrysanthemum culture visual feast. Qinhuangdao city held the "Le Tour of Beijing Tianjin Hebei? Love poly Beidaihe" 2016 Qinhuangdao? Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural creative industry (trade) exhibition, showcasing the Tianjin Folk intangible cultural heritage, characteristics, trend of art delicacy culture, attracted a large number of tourists visit. During the holiday season, self driving, self-help as the main way of leisure travel continued to dominate the market. Due to the improvement of the high speed traffic network and the increase of the promotion of the COSCO tourist market in Hebei Province, tourists from Hebei and East China have been increasing in recent years. Sampling survey,)相关的主题文章: