Easy to car run 12 hour charge 387 yuan about car always not on the new network – in tonya mitchell

Easy to car run 12 hour charge 387 yuan about car was car – Beijing Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Tian Jiexiong) the day before yesterday, Mr. Feng through easy to APP a car reservation network about the car, but the car has not found the car since he was after the driver grab one began billing, continued run for nearly 12 hours, until the night of 7 more parking, 387 yuan fare is deducted directly from the account of Mr. feng. Meanwhile, Mr. Feng repeatedly tried to contact the driver but no one answered the phone. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter called Yi, customer service said the matter has been in the process, will reply to users as soon as possible. "This car yo open for a long time, finally the fee of nearly 400 yuan, but I didn’t see the shadow of the car." Feng told the Beijing Morning Post reporter yesterday, said at 7:25 on October 30th, he used to make an appointment to APP a net about the car, ready to start in 45 minutes from Sijiqing. But after the driver grab a single, I almost received the vehicle at the same time, the vehicle in place, billing began three messages, then I felt wrong, quickly contact the driver, but the other party does not answer the phone." 7:30, Mr. Feng saw the car in Fengtai District, near, almost did not move. Reporters from the orders given by Mr. Feng to see the screenshot, the driver at 19:12 to terminate the trip, a total of 14.57 km, excluding the cost of $387.22, of which the cost of up to 352.5 yuan (Figure). This driver’s praise rate of only 60%, can see a lot of evaluation is poor." According to Mr. Feng recalled that day he tried to contact the driver in different periods, the phone was not connected. He calls easy to customer service, but also told that the staff will be related to feedback, but the background is not easy to terminate the driver orders". In other words, the start and end of the trip can only be controlled by the driver himself. Yesterday afternoon, reporters call to customer service, the staff said it had received complaints of Mr. Feng, is currently being processed, "will give the user feedback 3 to 10 working days after". For how to supervise the driver running empty single, how to punish violations of the driver, customer service staff said it was not clear, there will be relevant personnel to deal with". Reporters expressed the hope that the relevant personnel to get in touch, but as of press time did not receive calls to staff. At 16:30 yesterday, the reporter learned from Mr. Feng, after the intervention, easy to have the full cost of the trip back to his account. Mr. Feng for clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: