Double 11 glory play 6x revelation dimensionality reduction attack has become the business big kill tokyo hot n0476

Double 11 glory play 6X revelation: dimensionality reduction attack has become the business big kill technology – Sohu dimensionality reduction attack, Liu Cixin is in the "body" in the book concept, refers to the higher civilization by reducing the dimension to attack and destroy other planets. The universe and the planet that originally existed in the fixed dimension of space, after the reduced dimensions, any existence will be destroyed. For example, the earth and its life is in 3D form, if is a dimension into a two-dimensional plane, any life and civilization will not exist, because the earth has become a plane, life is also a point or a line on the plane. Dimensionality reduction attack this concept is really fire on the internet. Because the Internet can easily get rid of some of the original business dimension, or increase the number of product dimensions, so that the original business model and products are not able to adapt to the current situation. Remove the example of the dimension, such as electricity supplier to remove the geographical dimension constraints, consumers can buy global goods, no longer limited by the geographical and stream of people. Increase the product dimension examples, such as this year during the double eleven, glory play 6X has used the double camera and improve the configuration and the way of experience, hit a thousand machine market, won this year double eleven full platform Android mobile phone sales champion. Dimension reduction attacks commercial purposes, in fact, the dimension reduction attack theory is very simple, for example, human beings are three-dimensional creatures, remove one of its dimensions, human beings can not become a two-dimensional pit. The same is true of the enterprise, if an enterprise to adapt to the inherent dimension, remove one or a few dimensions, companies can not survive. Product is the case, if the industry is similar to the same product inherent dimension, individual companies to increase the number of new products through innovation, the inherent dimension of the product is relatively low. With better experience and a higher level of innovative high latitude products, will replace the original product, the industry mainstream. This has more dimensions of the product, in fact, by improving the dimension of other similar products to reduce the relative dimension, thus causing a blow. Intelligent hardware for traditional hardware products is a typical high latitude products, because it adds a new dimension of networking, human-computer interaction, intelligent control. The key point is to reduce the dimensionality of other similar products to reduce the relative dimension, by reducing the size of the target to make their products more advantages. In business, mainly for the product than similar products in many dimensions to reduce the dimensions of the competing products, or in the business model to reduce its dimension to enterprise operation and management optimization, leading to similar enterprise business model backward and conservative in productivity and efficiency. For example, Qihoo 360 is that, before the anti-virus software is to rely on charges to earnings, 360 removed the toll free soft kill this dimension, the traditional soft kill mode can not be competent for, or die, or go by 360. Dimensionality reduction attack has become a big business killer, in fact, dimensionality reduction attacks in the current business has been more important. In the "Internet plus" era, each industry in the first implementation of the latest technology products, application of intelligent products and innovation]相关的主题文章: