Do not know these, sooner or later, divorce, marriage are not married to see it

Don’t know that, sooner or later divorced, married the demand, a look at the big five men: 1, 2, was understood; trust; 3, supported by 4, 5; recognized and respected. Two, the woman’s three requirements: 1, a sense of security; 2, romantic; 3, was hurt and coax. Three, the relationship between husband and wife of the three major issues: (1) economic issues; 2, sexual problems; 3, communication problems. Four, between husband and wife three little: 1, much concern about the change; 2, find the advantages of others; 3, speak positive words; 4, complain less; 5, less blame; 6, less. Five, the husband and wife around: 1, think about each other’s benefits; 2, appreciate each other’s strengths; the other, the other side of the difficulty of understanding; 4, contain each other’s weaknesses. Six, the couple get along with the words: 1, I’m sorry, I was wrong; the 2, I believe you; I am proud of you, I am proud of you, I love you, 3, 4. Seven, the husband and wife get along with the four common: 1, the common goal of life; the 2, the common living environment; the 3, the common life topic; the 4, the common life friend. The family no right or wrong, and not only, and to everything! Home is the place to talk about love, not unreasonable place. A home is a root and a soul, and the root and soul are controlled by a woman. Trust the men of the 19 culture: 1, do not hit any woman. Hit, you are not a man, the man will not care about the weak woman. 2, if you like a son, and she gave birth to a daughter. Remember, it’s not her fault, it’s a man’s decision, not a woman. Love your children. 3, learn to help women do housework. A home is just lying on the couch waiting for my wife to dinner man, will allow the marriage of light than white boiling water also tasteless. 4, if you love someone, you tender care of her; if you don’t love that. Women are stupid, from the moment she fell in love with you, they will pay. But be careful that no regrets, finally also may be due to your self satisfaction but unwilling to take responsibility to destroy your life. 5, cherish now have. 6, you work too busy, but call your beloved wife, will not spend too much time or you die. 7, the woman is used to pain. If you don’t make a woman happy, you love her. 8, the woman makeup does not matter to you. Even if the makeup to open your eyes, also want to smile to give you advice, but not with disgust. 9, the woman asked what you want to eat, do not say casually. Tell him you like to eat some of her food, so you can not only eat delicious, but also get a lot of gentle and smiling. 10, a woman to go out on a date, please tell her: go, play happy, after the end of the call相关的主题文章: