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Health The name David Wolfe is often associated with the raw food diet. He is one of the leading advocates of the said diet program, and he has already contributed a lot to health and nutrition with his works. Early in his life, he had been exposed to issues on fitness and health. He also fought his own battle with diet. First, his parents were both doctors. And second, he found out when he was a child that he was allergic to dairy products, so he had to adjust his eating. Although this might be difficult at first, this has proven beneficial to him since this has paved the way to his discovery of the benefits of the raw food dietand so his story begins. The Ideas of David Wolfe Organic and raw plants, meat, fish, and other products contain all the nutrients needed by the body. However, most of the time, these nutrients do not reach the people who eat the said foods. In fact, the foods that people consume are often dangerous and toxic instead of nutritious. How does this happen? How do the said foods lose their nutrients? Well, the answer lies on the process that takes place between the harvesting of the foods and the eatingwhich is, the food preparation like cooking and heating. These processes rob the foods of their nutrients. Oftentimes, the nutrients are substituted by unhealthy elements like fats. Therefore, foods are best eaten when raw. The above statements sum up the ideas of David Wolfe about health. They are the guiding principles behind his raw food diet. Wolfe advocates the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in every person’s meal. He also doesn’t say no to the consumption of delicious foods like chocolate, but instead promotes their consumption in their raw form. The Books Written by David Wolfe Wolfe has already written a lot of books about raw food diet. Among these are the following: Eating for Beauty. This book discusses the Beauty Diet, a diet of raw foods that’s effective for making a person beautiful, maintaining one’s beauty, and fighting the signs of agingall done the natural way. This book will teach you how to be beautiful, starting from within. It focuses on eating for beauty, although it also discusses the roles of other factors to being beautiful, factors like sleep and yoga. Naked Chocolate. Backed by years of research, this book brings good news. It will tell you the benefits of chocolate to your body, revealing that raw chocolate is actually the world’s best food. The Sunfood Diet Success System. If you want to live a raw food lifestyle, then this is the perfect book for you. It will tell you how exactly you can live the life you desire. It is a comprehensive book that presents the Sunfood Triangle to help you plan your daily meals using balanced foods. It will also help you find raw food restaurants and organizations. David Wolfe is undoubtedly one of the authorities when it comes to raw food diet. His various contributions to health and diet have made a huge difference in the perspective of various people who desire a positive change in their lifestyle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: