Dalian man Shijinbumei tourists repeatedly praise-widcomm

Dalian man Shijinbumei tourists repeatedly praised the field to Mr. Sun, even before the tour of this newspaper, specially about his lost handbag experience of city of enthusiastic people to appreciate it. In addition to cash and mobile phones, as well as identity cards and other important card, once lost, I go home trouble." Pick up in the hands of enthusiastic people personally hand back to Mr. Sun hands more, so he moved.         Mr. Sun told reporters that he used to even the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism, specially to the Xinghai near the seaside, unexpectedly, left hand dropped out. When he returned to the hotel, to see the phone found with phone bags, he hastened to use another phone call to your mobile phone, has no answer, he thought it couldn’t come back, "there are a lot of cash in the bag, the specific amount and I’m not sure." Mr. Sun recalled, that he is anxious, the mobile phone has important information, once lost is very difficult, not to mention the identity card bag, seeing to fly home, ID card is lost, you must also have a lot of trouble. Mr. Sun is anxious, he suddenly received a phone call from his mobile phone, a man told him that his bag was picked up, which makes sun overjoyed, he thought about a good place to get himself, the people asked him home said he will just pass by, on the way to him, Mr. Sun deeply touched, "he only said he surnamed Li, but I told him he didn’t want the phone number, said I should be back to the package." Mr. Sun told reporters that the experience made him to Ben’s generous with personal experience in this accident. Reporter Zhou Aina相关的主题文章: