Dad Guan Xiaotong sun military training according to the feeling of the mother of thousands of miles exit safe mode

Father sun Guan Xiaotong military photos said "erhangqianli mother worries" Guan Xiaotong is the first national Tencent virgin entertainment news September 12th, Guan Xiaotong’s father worked in micro-blog off less emotion: 2016 Beijing Film Academy freshmen military training started early on September 12th, the girl with her new partners on the "military training", began in the journey the first class university, is also the first time the girl the rest of life from their parents, the first independent living for a period of time……… I have a heart that can not be described as a kind of taste ~ ~ "poor parents of the world," the mother of thousands of children worry". At the same time, also drying out a few Guan Xiaotong wearing camouflage military photos. Can be seen for the daughter of military training, Guan was very reluctant to give up. Netizens are seeing off: "Dad Dad comfort assured ~ Haletone have grown up and can take care of myself", "father. My mother can rest for a long time. Don’t worry about Xiao Tong, she must be the best", "the total of their own growth to leave their parents one day the children learn to be independent, to enjoy the happiness in life, to feel the friendship and love step by step to grow up, parents are the most gratifying thing but with this".相关的主题文章: